Dear XXX, If They Won’t Hire You, We Will

Great employment branding is job and market specific: acknowldedges the company’s realities (in size and reputation); understands the supply and demand variables and maximizes share of voice.

More on Attraction vs Promotion

If you want to attract great talent, develop your people. Build a reputation for being a place that great people come from. When it becomes clear that working with you is a pathway to a successful career, talent flows in your direction.

Blue Heron Recruiting

Here are a couple of posts from just about a decade ago.  The industry has been working over that time to clarify the definitions of talent pools, talent communities and so on. These two are a meditation on the business of attracting and nourishing talent.     Just outside of the greenhouse (our offices) is […]

Employment Branding

Brands only matter to the people who care about them. Mention the brand name outside of the circle of people who have the relationship and you will receive shoulder shrugs. Mention it inside the circle and you can spark a conversation full of passion and opinion. 

Buzzwords, Buzzwords Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

As technology began to penetrate the HR Marketplace, buzzwords became a feature of product marketing. As a result, the language is getting sketchier and meaning changes too fast for anyone to be able to agree on anything. New ideas rapidly devolve to the least common denominator.

Three Unrelated Facets of Employment Branding

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Do you recall the story of the blind wisemen and the elephant? It’s a great explanation of how the same thing can look very different depending on your perspective. Each of the wisemen is sure that he has the explanation of the total elephant. In fact, they each understand an aspect.

Five Links 120921

13 Tech Trends to Adopt Before Year’s End A panel of young entrepreneurs recommends that you pay attention to these 13 areas. It’s worth a scan as a reminder of the changes that you are immersed in. Mobile Recruitment: Morning Mind Control From the UK’s Felix Wetzel comes the first intelligent piece of writing on […]

Ascendify: Data is not a Relationship

The power of social technology enters the organization from the outside. Candidates and employees bring it in with them. Being candidate-centric is a survival strategy for companies looking to survive the coming demographic transitions.

Employment Branding: Where’s the Limit

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Should an employment brand be focused on the heart of the competition or should it be designed to solve larger social issues? The former makes it a marketing question, the latter makes it an HR question. My sense is that differentiation is critical in employment branding, particularly when scarcity is an issue.

Where’s The Attraction?

Advertising is much more about attraction, through increasing brand awareness. Advertising takes time and focus. It operates on different rhythms than the direct approach. It is friendlier with a relaxed pace.