Algorithms Follow Rules – People Don’t. See you in Court?

Algorithms follow the rules every time. People don’t. What happens when you throw the legal system into the mix?

Can a workplace recover from discrimination or harassment or whistleblower drama?

What can HR do to recover from discrimination or harassment or whistleblower drama? Resident employment law attorney Heather Bussing reviews your options.

The Uncoded Bias in AI Hiring

Behind the uncoded bias in AI hiring are machines participating in and perhaps even dictating hiring decisions.

Can Your Team Recover from Workplace Drama?

Heather Bussing asks, “Can a workplace recover from discrimination or harassment or whistleblower drama?” It seems that second chances are never evenly distributed and resentments have a long half-life. What can HR do?

Fear of what we don’t know, and certainty about assumptions that are wrong

“We are designed to connect with one another. We are also designed to be afraid of new and different things. Both aspects of our reality are important for survival.” - Heather Bussing

The Revenge Contract

“I’ve been thinking a lot about contracts. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter what’s in them, because people do what they say they are going to do. The important thing is what’s happening in the world, not the paper the lawyers are playing with.”
- Heather Bussing

Is Terminating an Employee a Good Thing?

“Making an employment change is a big deal. It’s hard, even when it’s voluntary, because we have so much of our identities wrapped up in what we do.” - Heather Bussing

AI Hiring: Bias in the Code

“While it is true that a machine can do a better job at relentlessly sticking to a narrow script, it cannot see or understand things that are not in the data. Unlike people and their unconscious biases, machines can only change their approach with new measurement and new coding. In other words, while machines may be able to address small components of unconscious bias, they cannot address all (or even most) of it.” - John Sumser

Quick Guide to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The Families First Corona Response Act (HR 6201) goes into effect on April 2nd. Here’s a quick guide to the employment-related sections of the law from Heather Bussing.

Uncoded Bias in AI Hiring

“Allowing machines to participate in and perhaps even dictate decisions in Human Resources raises a host of ethical considerations. After all, these systems control various forms of opportunity for the workforce. More precisely, they involve people’s livelihood, hopes and dreams.” - John Sumser