Bill Kutik’s Influence on HR Tech

Without Bill Kutik’s influence, the evolution of HR in the enterprise space would have naturally ground to a halt.
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Big Data: Questions Still Matter Most

Big Data is as hard to imagine as the web was 20 years ago. Big Data is driven by smart tools, cloud architectures, cheap processing, cheap storage, greater access to statistics and information, and the search for new ways to gain productivity.

It’s Never About the Functionality

The weird thing about most companies that sell new recruiting tools is that they don’t really understand the value they are delivering. They’ve never been recruiters.

Inflection Point Revisited

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The last inflection point was ten or twelve years ago when Online Recruiting began to take form. The early adopters were all on board by 1997, having spent a couple of years charting their courses. What followed was an explosion of services, products and tools that led us to today.

What Is A Job Board

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Even though professions are more malleable than ever before, most of us look for work in our chosen profession for a long time before considering the switch as a possibility. This results in a further segmentation of local markets; they tend to clump along professional lines.


Most software products and services are developed in the absence of clear understanding of the customers. That’s a good part of why technology adoption rates are so low in practice.

Star Candidate Experience in 17 Steps

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Any person who visits an employment website should be treated with respect, as a minimum, and delighted, as an objective. Here are 17 points that can lead to a star candidate experience.

Pummeling Equine Cadavers

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Self proclaimed HR thought leaders tend to be vacuous morons, incapable of sustained thought. There’s a code that I saw somewhere that says you can’t be one unless someone else says you are (without being asked to). Even that’s not good enough, really. The bluntest knife in the box has a mom who thinks he’s got HR Thought Leadership potential. When he walks up to you and introduces himself as a HR thought leader, hang on to your wallet.

Who Is The Audience?

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When job hunters are given the opportunity to examine endless opportunities, what do you think they do? Truth is that after about a dozen thorough readings of job ads, they revert to skimming. The web actively encourages this approach…it’s a skimming medium. Following a skimming phase, the job hunter reverts to reviewing opportunities briefly and punching a resume button in response. It’s extremely Pavlovian.

HRExaminer v2.10

The latest chapter in the Dot Jobs saga is being written, and every single "we're right and they're wrong argument" resembles a sequel to Dumb and Dumber. Perhaps the guilty parties could take a page from the internet values that are shaping organization design and culture that Jay Cross champions this week in his article? […]
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