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When the VP of HR slot is filled from within the ranks of the department, people with Recruiting backgrounds have the advantage.

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As the courts try to navigate five year old data questions, marketing firms and data collection operations will move out light years ahead of their ability to maneuver. Privacy will become a huge consumer issue that can not be readily addressed by either legislation or enforcement.

Recruiting Is Local

I don’t think much of best practices and big generalizations about our profession. Recruiting practices that work famously at Google are recipes for disaster in a factory near Macon, Ga. What works as personality assessment in Minneapolis is downright dumb in Baton Rouge.

Your Friends Are Not A Network 4

You probably don’t know someone who can get you a job. Most of the people you know won’t be a good fit at your company either. That doesn’t sound much like the land of milk and honey described by the proponents of social media as a recruiting and job hunting tool.

Your Friends Are Not A Network 3

Really. Your friends are not a network. The mafia is a network. A union is a network. The computers in your house are a network. Your phone runs on a network. Electricity flows though a network. Parts of political parties are networks. Friends are different.

Your Friends Are Not A Network 2

Collaboration is nearly always championed by people who want to be in charge of stuff. This year, I took a series of experimental classes with a number of geniuses in educational technology and reform. Their ardent belief in the collaborative god initially gave me the willies. I soldiered on, but did I change my mind?

Your Friends Are Not A Network 1

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Last week, I went to Dreamforce, It's's annual gathering of the clan. It was intense and the opposite of most HR conferences. My personal epiphany came as I was browsing the Dreamforce Bookstore. Everyone has begun to sound the same. There, at Dreamforce, I realized that we're on the verge of a future that is nothing like our view of it.

Getting The Problem Straight

Market complexity is the normal condition of the Recruiting and HR  Industry. With warring factions, cultural differences, regional biases, profession driven sales techniques and 50 Million annual customized transactions, it is not surprising that no company has ever owned more than 4% of the domestic American marketplace. It is difficult to explain the recurring expectation […]

091201 1999 Recruiting Strategy

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Here’s a presentation from late 1998 on Recruiting Strategy. This was in the early run up to the dot com bubble. It’s an interesting look at what the future looked like a back then. 1999 Recruiting Strategy View more documents from John Sumser.

091125 5 Must Reads

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091125 5 Must Reads Why Employment Lags in A Recovery Employers want to make sure that the recovery is real. Even in the harshest circumstances, key employees weren’t let go in spite of the lack of work so there’s unused capacity available (labor hoarding). During the downturn, employers focus on adding productivity improvements and reorganizing […]