3 Types of HR Professionals

“…commit yourself to building an HR team that spends more time with non-HR employees than HR employees.” -Dr. Todd Dewett

Five Links: The Future Is Now

Topics: Analytics, Data, Futures, HR Scoop, John Sumser, by John Sumser
This week’s 5-Links highlight how the future has arrived. Case in point, the second stage of social media.

Five Links: Science and Human Behavior

This week’s links feature new ways to think about the future, a manual of cognitive science, the FTC on the ever changing data brokerage business, an inventory of today’s internet and an ode to wearable computing.

Five Links: Technology and Consequences

This week’s links look at the consequences of technology and how to manage them.

Five Links: Non HR Tech Companies Entering the Market

This week’s links take a look at tech companies that are traditionally consider to be ‘not HR’.

The New Workplace

Topics: Futures, HR Technology, HR Trends, HRExaminer, Jay Cross, by Jay Cross
Six years ago few people believed that informal learning made much of a difference.

Five Links: Disruption

This week’s links are a reminder that technology is tearing its way through our universe. It happens fast, takes no prisoners and has no guaranteed winners.

Mobile Recruiting Rears Up

Mobile Recruiting: what’s taking so long, whose fault is it, and how can an earnest visionary speed things up.

Five Links: Resisting Change

This week’s balance is three pieces about the way we look at the future and two about our resistance.

Five Links: HR and the Internet of Things

HR’s job is becoming the management of the data associated with people. The way we work and the things we do look differently when viewed through the lens of data and evidence.