Talent Shortages

With large portions of our workforce under utilized, demoralized or simply out of work, it strains credulity to say that we are suffering talent shortages.

No Pants Works

Berkun decided if he was going to keep writing and speaking about work and management, he needed to to go back to a company and manage people working, but Wordpress didn’t have hierarchies, or departments, or managers.

Big Data: Questions Still Matter Most

Big Data is as hard to imagine as the web was 20 years ago. Big Data is driven by smart tools, cloud architectures, cheap processing, cheap storage, greater access to statistics and information, and the search for new ways to gain productivity.

About Relationships

The reason that Direct Marketing techniques generally have a bad name is that they tend to treat people like objects as a precursor to a deeper form of relationship.

Little Data

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If you’re not familiar with the data integration issue, it’s not really surprising. Problems like these are highly technical and very, very boring. The market pays attention to shiny new things. Grungy maintenance work isn’t shiny or new.

The Holy Grail I

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HR sticks to the story of the value of intangibles like a mobster hangs on to an alibi. It’s not hard to believe that people are the heart of the business. It’s been painfully hard to quantify it.

Informal Learning In A Nutshell

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Workers learn more in the coffee room than in the classroom. Formal learning—classes and workshops—is the source of only 10 to 20 percent of what people learn at work.

Communication Channels III

The number of communications options are exploding. Knowing how and where to communicate your employment brand and job opportunities is no longer easy.

Communication Channels I

In the past six or seven years, the number of usable communications channels exploded. All of a sudden, there are opportunities to communicate where none used to exist.

Modest Disruption

Topics: Futures, HR Trends, HRExaminer, John Sumser, by John Sumser
Disruption is what happens when prices fall and profits rise. There is no such thing as a modest disruption.