Why Aren’t We Asking These Questions in HR?

The relationship between our people and their technology is reshaping the way that work gets done. What questions should we ask to uncover what these changes mean to our organization?

The Power Balance

There is a power balance in the branding and recruiting game. When marketers, recruiters and managers forget this, things tend to turn sour.

Should We Get Excited About New Assessment Tools?

In recent years, the synergy between psychology and technology has revitalized assessment practices bringing new types of assessment.

What HR Should Be Asking Part 2

What is becoming possible is so far beyond conventional definitions of analytics that you’ll miss the bus if that’s how you approach the problem.

What HR Should Be Asking Part 1

More than a mandate, change is an issue of survival. It’s time to ask new questions.

12 Ways To Make Your Gamification Project Fail

Topics: Big Data, Gamification, HR Technology, HR Trends, HRExaminer, by Siddhesh Bhobe
A closer look at the failures will reveal some simple ground rules which can ensure the success of your gamification initiative. Here are the top 10 pitfalls to be aware of (and a couple of bonus items), and avoid, in your quest for successful gamification.

What Schools Should Teach and Why

Topics: Big Data, Futures, Gamification, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, by Heather Bussing
To say that there is no need for a basic understanding of mathematics and science because we don’t use them everyday is like saying there is no need to run or lift weights because we don’t use our muscles like that every day. Knowledge provides context and opportunity.

The Office is a Great Place for Fun and Games

“When adults have autonomy at work they might not focus on their normal tasks 100% of the time. That’s normal. Guess what? Using some of that autonomy for small doses of play at work actually facilitates productivity for most people. It represents a fun not-related-to-work break that stimulates healthy thinking.” – Todd Dewett

Five Links: The Unevenly Distributed Future

Each one of these articles should cause you to scratch your head. The world is changing fast and these ideas are at the forefront of the change. How the outside sees your labor practices, man-machine integration, democratic big data, brain drain is good, build a utility with your brand. Enjoy.

Skills Gap 3: The Pace of Change

As technology spirals beyond our control, it feels like somebody must have made a mistake. Some blame the school system, some blame the generation of video gamers. You don’t see many executives blaming themselves and trying to figure out what they did wrong.