Five Links: Roundup

On November 29, 2012, in Big Data, Daily Links, Futures, Gamification, HR Technology, HRExaminer, John Sumser, by John Sumser
This week’s five are a smattering of managerial insight, a whiff of demographics, a bit of freeware, a look at language, a tutorial and a bonus list of rules.

More Than Five Links: Gamification

On November 15, 2012, in Big Data, Futures, Gamification, HR Technology, HR Trends, John Sumser, Recruiting Strategy, by John Sumser
Deloitte listed Gamification as one of its key tech trends in 2012. The talk about the anbility to solve business problems in game environments. There’s a video and a white paper. “Gamification allows for the more rapid solving of problems“.

Gamification III

On November 14, 2012, in Gamification, HRExaminer, Industry Analysis, John Sumser, by John Sumser
Gamification isn’t a term you want to use in polite society. Serious game designers will laugh you out of the room. Appropriating the serious science of game design for use as a business buzz word is an affront to their work.

Five Links: The Future is Now

On October 17, 2012, in Big Data, Brand Aid, Futures, Gamification, HR Technology, John Sumser, by John Sumser
Transparency and accountability arrive in the form of a smart phone. Companies can no longer get away with bad bosses, sketchy ethical practice or mediocre working conditions. Everyone has comprehensive recording technology all the time everywhere. The new normal is “how will this look on YouTube?

Five Links: Measures

In the Nick of Real Time “Pandora’s box has been opened. It can’t be closed. Brands are racing to capture as many fans as possible in as many social media channels as possible. It’s not enough for brands to capture and connect with these consumers, without the expectation of one good turn deserving another. It […]

Gamification Fundamentals 1

On October 2, 2012, in Gamification, John Sumser, New Architecture of Work, by John Sumser
By the age of 21, the average American young person has spent over 10,000 hours playing computer and video games. That is almost exactly the same amount of time an American student spends in the classroom from 5th Grade though High School Graduation

eMee: Serious Business Gamification

On September 25, 2012, in Big Data, Gamification, HR Technology, HR Trends, HRExaminer, John Sumser, by John Sumser
My jaw dropped when I saw that the first ever comprehensive enterprise management platform using gamification was developed by Persistent Systems, an Indian company. Persistent’s social gamification platform, eMee, harnesses game dynamics to drive both productivity and personnel development.