Five Links: Disruption

This week’s links are a reminder that technology is tearing its way through our universe. It happens fast, takes no prisoners and has no guaranteed winners.

Five Links: Resisting Change

This week’s balance is three pieces about the way we look at the future and two about our resistance.

3 HR Metrics to Monitor Risk

The metrics that are tied to organizational strategy and risk are the ones that the C-Suite really cares about.

Five Links: Inno – Outta – Vation

You could decrease the size of the Linkedin database by 20% if you simply banned the word innovation from profiles. The word once reserved for the likes of Thomas Edison is now being bandied about to describe enterprise software rewrites.

Five Links: Talent

Our five links this week include: Talent Communities, The Skills Gap, Robots Will Take Our Jobs, The Post Productive Economy, and Three Lessons for the Industrial Internet from publishers like ADP, Wired, O’Reilly, BizJournals and Kevin Kelly. Plus, see our Events, Interesting Happenings and New Resources at the end of this post.

Five Links: Skills Shortage – Skills Gap

Five Links: Skills Shortage / Skills Gap If you’re following the emerging skills gap story, it has a lot of facets. Here are several. The terrain includes a consultant, an online community, college, a study and an analysis. Hays Global Skills Index 2012 The index ranks what used to be called first world countries by […]

The Privacy App

Privacy is the shielding of personal and behavioral data from people who find value in it. While there may be other people from whom the data flow is withheld, privacy is only interesting when the data produces value for the people who receive and manipulate it.

Five Links: Measures

In the Nick of Real Time “Pandora’s box has been opened. It can’t be closed. Brands are racing to capture as many fans as possible in as many social media channels as possible. It’s not enough for brands to capture and connect with these consumers, without the expectation of one good turn deserving another. It […]

Eleven Nations: A Course in Culture

Our regional divides stem from the fact that the original clusters of North American colonies were settled by people from distinct regions of the British Islands—and from France, the Netherlands, and Spain—each with their own religious, political, and ethnographic characteristics.

Does Retention Cause Layoffs?

Good, strategic workforce planning is virtually nonexistent. Instead of accurately knowing and describing the specifics of our workforces, we rely on tired generalizations.