Five Links: Cornucopia

This week, the links focus on things to make you better at your job. Presentation tips, insights on innovation, using Google+ as a sourcing tool, Apple experiences social media backfire and a look at technology and jobs. There’s plenty of good material to cycle around your office.

Poor Candidate Experience Declared Illegal

“In three years, surprisingly, some things have moved forward. Being somewhat cynical about any government program, I’m pleasantly entertained at how much change has taken place (and especially thrilled to see the demise of the ‘essay’).” – Gerry Crispin

Still More Online Influence

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Every bit of attention paid in training and mentoring employees pays a huge benefit for the firm in loyalty, improved decision making and effective work habits. Influence is what happens when you change the organization by improving the people who work there.

Top 25 Voices in Employment Law

This Special Edition of The HRExaminer is to announce the first edition of our Top 25 List for online influencers in Employment Law. We’re continuing to mine the social universe for clues and insight into the subject of influence. Since we began the HR Influence project back in 2009 (this is our 17th Top 25 list), the world has become more sophisticated on the topic of online influence. Where reach, relevance and resonance were once acceptable limits on the conversation, things have changed in interesting ways. And this is an interesting and diverse group of thinkers that you’ll be better off for knowing.

The Limits of HR

Government regulations intrude into many aspects of organizational life and employee relationships with each other and the company as a whole.

Learning to Learn

“Life on earth is faster, faster, faster. We are inundated with information, showered with technological innovation, and pestered by multiple media 24/7. Business is a blur. Life is uncertain.” – Jay Cross

It’s Not Really a Network

We are at the edges of the second generation of social media. Much of the original hype has been tested and found wanting. It turns out that we don’t really like seeing job ads in the middle of the flow of descriptions of last night’s burritos.

Employment Branding Redux

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been exploring the topic of employment branding. It’s murky territory for some. We’re lucky to have the best minds in the business on our team. The great thing about the HRExaminer is that it provides a place for a dialog between and about such mutually exclusive potions.

Information Privacy 5: Futures and Issues

Just like Target was able to “know” that a customer was pregnant, HR will be able to put 2 and 2 together on a variety of subjects. Large scale data mining will begin to show near-magical correlations between conditions and productivity.

HRExaminer v3.07

Do you recall the story of the blind wisemen and the elephant? It’s a great explanation of how the same thing can look very different depending on your perspective. So it goes with your employment brand.