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Jamie Resker makes a case for Why Eliminating Performance Reviews isn’t Just Another Trend.

Why is it so hard for marketing people to understand that any surveys they generate will always be suspect? John Sumser has the story in, Survey Sez.

On episode 115 of HR Tech Weekly: Using a satnav switches off part of your brain, Ultimate Conference Connections 2017, Apple purchases iOS Automation App Workflow, and Jellyvision Secures $20 Million in Funding for Employee Communication Platform.

Lars Schmidt is the Founder of Amplify Talent, a boutique agency that helps companies like Hootsuite, NPR, and SpaceX re-imagine the intersection of culture, talent, and brand. Listen to Lars Schmidt on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

Episode 13 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, covers Data Driven Organization Design. John Sumser chats with Rupert Morrison, an economist, recognized author, and leader in organization design, human capital management, and analytics. Listen to Rupert Morrison on Big Ideas Radio.

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Jason Lauritsen writes, “We are all drunk on the possibility of technology. It’s hard not to be.” Is your organization Drunk on Technology?

So, you want to install analytics in your HR Department? John Sumser outlines, The Conversion Experience.

HRTech companies are caught in a dilemma. SaaS companies suffer stock price declines when they give their customers adequate support. Read, Software Is Not Service, from John Sumser.

On episode 114 of HR Tech Weekly: Oracle earnings and acquisitions, Vancouver software heavyweights score venture deal for Visier, Ultimate, Workday, and SAP on the Fortune Top 100 company list, and the Insperity fiduciary lawsuit.

Stephan Millard is a senior product marketing professional with over twelve years experience in working with leading HR & sales performance management (SPM) technologies. Listen to Stephan Millard on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.


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Gallup’s State of the American Workforce report shows we’ve failed to move the needle on employee engagement. And spectacularly. Despite this, some companies are getting it right. China Gorman has more in, Employee Engagement Isn’t an HR Issue.

John Sumser writes, “Arm-waving, prognostication of simple answers to complex questions feels like the holy land. We want our seat at the table, with cushions, bonuses, and no critical thought.” Data Cleaning IS Data Analysis.

“Every HR professional reading this article spends his or her time covering the gap between standard HR practice and what is needed in the company.” Read, HR Now from John Sumser.

On episode 113 of HR Tech Weekly: Researchers correct robot mistakes with their minds, Microsoft authentication issue, Google caught spreading fake news, Uncertainty about fiduciary rule changes could affect HR tech, Sage announces agreement to acquire Fairsail, and IBM’s Watson Meets Salesforce’s Einstein in New Partnership.

Dawn Burke is the VP of People for Daxko. Dawn is a national speaker, a writer for, and hosts the talent management video series “No Scrubs.” Listen to Dawn Burke on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

On Episode 12 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser talks with Kyle Lagunas about the five most interesting recruiting tools available today. Kyle is the research manager and principal analyst for IDC’s emerging trends in talent acquisition and staffing research practice. Listen to Kyle Lagunas on Big Ideas Radio.

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Paul Hebert writes, “We live in a world of speed. First movers are lauded. Faster internet is better. Faster computers, faster phones, faster updates. Faster. Faster. Faster. We are obsessed with speed. And I think it is killing our ability to get things done.” Read, HR and The Red Queen’s Race.

John Sumser is searching for work that describes all of the facets of the employee-company relationship. Without an overall picture, how can you tell what’s important? What’s the Model?

On episode 112 of HR Tech Weekly: Amazon outage is breaking the internet, Saba Software Announces Agreement to Acquire Halogen Software, SAP Q1 Updates, Cybersecurity Skills Gap To Widen To A Massive 1.8 Million Worker Shortfall By 2022, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer gives up bonuses following security breaches, and news from Uber’s CEO and SVP of engineering.

Craig Fisher leads employer branding at CA Technologies. His digital branding methods have been adopted as best practices by companies like Linkedin, Zappos, YUM! Brands, and Hootsuite. Craig created the first Twitter chat for recruiters, and partnered in the first Linkedin certified training company in North America. Listen to Craig Fisher on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

On Episode 11 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser talks with Ben Waber about people analytics. Ben is recognized worldwide as an expert in people analytics, collaboration, and wearable technology. He is the leader of Humanyze, a behavioral analytics company that uses wearable sensing technology. Ben is also a visiting scientist at the MIT Media Lab, where he received his PhD. Learn more about People Analytics with Ben Waber.

What’s the Model?

On March 8, 2017, in HR Technology, HRExaminer, John Sumser, by John Sumser
“I can’t seem to find any good work that describes all of the facets of the employee-company relationship. I am tempted to think that a comprehensive model of that relationship (and some method to prioritize it) would be the heart of the HR profession.” – John Sumser

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In this week’s feature article, Mary Faulkner writes, “Once we accept that we are a peer to “the business” and have a voice in helping make the right decisions for OUR organization, we can start focusing on how to wield our real power and influence. If HR is so powerless, why do we get blamed for everything?

You may not know what they’re called but word vectors have transformed the Google search results you see every day. In the next two years word vectors will do the same thing for recruiting and HR. AI in HR: What Are Word Vectors And Why Do They Matter?

On episode 111 of HR Tech Weekly: Oracle HCM Cloud Summit, SAP court victory and data rights, Koch company invest $2 Billion in Infor, Irreconcilable Differences: eHarmony and Elevated Careers File for Divorce, and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick hires former Attorney General Eric Holder to probe allegations of sexism.

Will Staney is the founder of Proactive Talent Strategies and the former head of global talent acquisition at Twilio and Glassdoor. During his career as a recruiting leader, he developed a passion for building what he calls, “modern recruiting machines.” Listen to Will Staney on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

On Episode 10 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser talks about recruitment marketing scorecards with Chris Brablc, an industry expert in recruitment marketing and Director of Marketing at SmashFly Technologies. Learn more about Recruitment Marketing Scorecards.

Artificial Intelligence in HR

On March 2, 2017, in HR Technology, HRExaminer, Rob May, by Rob May
“Let’s say you couldn’t remember the capital of Belgium. You could ask the computer what it is by saying ‘I want Paris, but subtract France and add Belgium.’ The computer would return Brussels. Now imagine you could do that with employees. What if you could say ‘I want someone like my best engineer, but with more experience in management?’” – Rob May, CEO Talla
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On February 24, 2017, in Editorial Advisory Board, HR Technology, HRExaminer, John Sumser, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
In her three-part series, Heather Bussing gives suggestions to organizations, HR, and individuals on how to manage the anxiety, uncertainty, and inevitable disagreements that come with Politics & Work. Start with Heather’s Organization Survival Guide, then the HR Survival Guide, and the Individual Survival Guide.

On episode 110 of HR Tech Weekly: Cornerstone Q1 2017 Outlook, PeopleFluent Record-Setting Q4 2016 Results, Blackstone Is Buying Aon Benefits Outsourcing Unit, Did staff quit Google’s Car Project after company paid them too much?, and Amazon launches Chime video conferencing tools.

Brynne Kennedy is the Founder and CEO of MOVE Guides, helping HR teams move their employees around the world - for any reason, any policy, and any location. Kennedy founded the company while earning her MBA at London Business School. Listen to Brynne Kennedy on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

On Episode 9 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser talks about Performance Management That Actually Works with Jamie Resker, Founder of Employee Performance Solutions and a recognized innovator in the area of performance management. Find out more about Performance Management That Actually Works.

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Several years ago Dr. Todd Dewett penned, “Dewett’s Rules.” This is part of Dr. Dewett’s book, The Little Black Book of Leadership. Recently, new bits of truth have begun to stick in his brain. Tap into his latest gems in, DEWETT’S RULES - PART 2.

Heather Bussing is writing again. The first thing on her agenda is to figure out how to get anything done in today’s work and political climate. This is the first of 3 articles directed at organizations, HR, and then individuals. Read, Politics & Work 1: Organization Survival Guide.

On episode 109 of HR Tech Weekly: New Zenefits CEO and Apps, Slack to Take On Microsoft, Workday Records Contract With Amazon, Ultimate Software and Paycom Revenue numbers, Growth and executive additions help Glint, Facebook’s new family sick leave and bereavement benefits, and Philly passes country’s first wage discrimination law.

Martin Burns is Strategic Consulting Leader for HireClix, a consumer advertising agency with a focus on recruitment. A long-time practitioner and corporate recruiting leader, he combines significant expertise in strategy, technology, and marketing. Listen to Martin Burns on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

On Episode 8 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser and Gerry Crispin of CareerXroads, discuss The Future of Recruiting.

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On February 10, 2017, in Bob Corlett, HR Technology, HRExaminer, John Sumser, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
Do you think the recruiting function belongs in the HR department or the Marketing department? Is Bob Corlett asking a trick question? What Department Does Recruiting Belong in?

John Sumser sizes up Data and Value, and Data and Distance from the Market.

On episode 108 of HR Tech Weekly: HCM launches Labor Force Analytics Tool, China Oceanwide Consortium buying IDG, ADP Job Estimates & ADP Revenue #’s, Move Guides commitment to Refugee Crisis, and SmartRecruiter Acquisition.

Anna Brekka is the Director of Recruiting Advertising & Services at Morris Publishing Group (MPG). She built the online Recruiting Trends community from a few thousand to 23,000 over four years. Listen to Anna Brekka on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

On Episode 7 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser and veteran high tech market analyst, Dr. Katherine Jones, discuss The Role of Research in Execution.