Your Friends Are Not A Network 1

On September 7, 2011, in Five Scenarios, Futures, HR Trends, HRExaminer, by John Sumser
Last week, I went to Dreamforce, It's's annual gathering of the clan. It was intense and the opposite of most HR conferences. My personal epiphany came as I was browsing the Dreamforce Bookstore. Everyone has begun to sound the same. There, at Dreamforce, I realized that we're on the verge of a future that is nothing like our view of it.

Top 100 Influencers v 1.80 Arie Ball

Arie has been building a from scratch recruiting operation for a going concern. As such, she is able to utilize new approaches and technologies faster and more fully than someone making change in an ongoing operation. Arie’s industry influence stems from the fact that she runs the best observable “test kitchen”.

Getting The Problem Straight

On August 28, 2011, in Futures, HR Technology, HR Trends, HRExaminer, More2Know, by John Sumser
Market complexity is the normal condition of the Recruiting and HR  Industry. With warring factions, cultural differences, regional biases, profession driven sales techniques and 50 Million annual customized transactions, it is not surprising that no company has ever owned more than 4% of the domestic American marketplace. It is difficult to explain the recurring expectation […]

One Stop Apply

On July 25, 2011, in HR Technology, HR Trends, HRExaminer, Job Boards, by John Sumser
This week LinkedIn unveiled their new one stop apply button. For the simple addition of 8 lines of code, any employer can facilitate the use of a single, universal application. Is their move heralded, shortsighted or something else?
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091202 Organizational Aikido

On December 2, 2009, in Generational Demographics, HR Trends, Industry Analysis,, Population, by John Sumser
This presentation contains the insights I’ve developed from a couple of years of looking at organizational demographics. The idea of Organizational Aikido is that organizations naturally want to evolve in a certain way. Leading them means understanding the natural tendencies and leaving them alone unless you want to work really hard. The key to maintaining […]

091201 1999 Recruiting Strategy

On December 1, 2009, in Futures, HR Technology, HR Trends, by John Sumser
Here’s a presentation from late 1998 on Recruiting Strategy. This was in the early run up to the dot com bubble. It’s an interesting look at what the future looked like a back then. 1999 Recruiting Strategy View more documents from John Sumser.

091119 Five Must Reads

On November 19, 2009, in Daily Links, HR Technology, HR Trends, Industry Analysis, Job Boards,, by John Sumser
091118 Five Must Reads Wanted Engineering Supply-Demand Hot Spots The data is a little stiff (no one really works some where called the San Francisco – Oakland – Fremont Metropolitan Statistical Area but tons of people commute to the individual cities). But, the idea is in the right place and this is a move forward. […]

091104 Five Must Reads

On November 4, 2009, in All, Daily Links, HR Influencers, HR Technology, HR Trends, Industry Analysis,, by John Sumser
091104 Five Must Reads Using Technology To Improve Workforce Collaboration As the workforce changes, there are real questions about how you specify roles and performance when results come from teams. There are wide variations in the productivity of knowledge workers. Here are some points of departure for thinking about the coming world of work. What’s […]

090813 Starr-Tincup

On August 13, 2009, in HR Trends, Industry Analysis,, by John Sumser
Starr – Tincup: Differentiation Have you seen the recently renovated Starr – Tincup website? One thing is immediately clear. There is no other operation like Starr – Tincup in the HR – Recruitment industry. Irreverence, a penchant for the truth, an odd sense of humor and clear targeting of non-boomer demographics are the essence of […]

090810 4 Sale

On August 10, 2009, in HR Trends, Industry Analysis,, by John Sumser
4 Sale: Here’s the question that’s been puzzling lots of entrepreneurs? What’s an online community worth? Lance Haun and Laurie Ruettimann, the co-owners of aim to find out. They’ve placed the web community in an eBay auction. The two seasoned HR bloggers have hit a fork in the road. New gigs, expanding visibility […]