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Key Influencers: Observable Trends

On November 12, 2009, in HRExaminer, Movers/Shakers, by John Sumser
By John Sumser Here are a few of the things I’m discovering as I interview people for the Key Influencers project. I’ve recently crossed the 180 interview threshold. The unconfirmed word on the street is that in the Fortune 500, 130 of the Chief HR Officers (or whatever you call the person with that title) are alumni […]

091112 On The Go v1.02

On November 12, 2009, in HRExaminer, The Go/The-Know, by John Sumser
On The Go v1.02 Pepsico produces amazing HR execs with a bottom line business focus. Alan Collins, one of the alumni, just published HR Rules: 21 Secrets for Attaining Awesome Career Success in Human Resources on Amazon. See what the fuss is about at He’s using the book to fuel new site In the lodging […]

091109 Avature

On November 9, 2009, in HRExaminer, Reviews, by John Sumser
Avature. The world is changing fast. Technology, smart, cheap coding, seasoned business people and the burning desire to change the game are driving innovation even as the economy sputters. Avature, a new entrant to the Recruiting Market is turning heads with its innovative approaches to enterprise software problems. “I hear a lot of enterprise software […]

091105 On The Go v1.01

On November 5, 2009, in HRExaminer, The Go/The-Know, by John Sumser
On The Go v1.01 Jason Averbrook from Knowledge Infusion let us know about the KI Philanthropy Project. Colleagues, customers, partners and friends will be taking part in the Big Sure Half Marathon. You can sponsor them here. The Money goes to Toys For Tots. Laurie Ruettimann and Sarah White are launching a new offering called Clueless@Love. By […]

091102 JobScore

On November 2, 2009, in HRExaminer, Reviews, by John Sumser
JobScore The business card sat on my desk for most of the summer. Dan Arkind, the CEO of JobScore, managed to make contact at one of the spring trade shows. I can’t remember what transpired in the transaction. I did remember my sense of obligation and the warm feeling he engendered. In September, I sent […]

091026 RiseSmart

On October 26, 2009, in HRExaminer, Reviews, by John Sumser
RiseSmart Last week, a small Silicon Valley company proved that there is still vigor left in the HR Marketplace. RiseSmart, a provider of job concierge services, nailed down $4.6 Million in additional funding. That brings their total investment to $8.85Million. One of the less well understood dynamics of venture financing involves the way that successive […]


On October 19, 2009, in HRExaminer, Reviews, by John Sumser This past week, I had a couple of very nice (related) surprises. Jeff Seely, CEO of (nee Jobster), called and we had a delightful conversation about the joys of taking over and remaking a high-flying company. Seely, who is a seasoned entrepreneur, took the helm of Jobster as Jason Goldberg was making his […]