Remember Your Audience

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Imagine the anxiety levels of some one who is desperate to find work and required to sift through a database of a half million job offerings.

Performance That Matters by Susan Strayer

From career coaching to recruiting strategy to social media, Susan has experience with in-house corporate HR and recruiting leadership roles, as a Fortune 500 consultant, and as a career and brand coach. She’s held positions with companies such as Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton, Arthur Andersen and The Home Depot and has consulted for hundreds of Fortune […]

Top 100 Influencers v1.82 Chris Hoyt

Chris Hoyt appears to have weathered the storm and prospered. It’s probably because he’s less interested in the credit than he is in what he can get done. Hoyt is responsible for the design, implementation and sustainability of PepsiCo’s global digital and social recruiting strategies inclusive of managing Internet communities, analytics and 3rd party recruitment partnerships.

Big Data and HRTech

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Right around the corner, hoping to be embedded in the various smart phones and tablets are a universe of sensors that will blow the lid off of HR as we know it.
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White Knight Rescue – Broadbean Arbita Deal

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Arbita is shuttering its operations. Broadbean will assist Arbita clients by offering to fulfill the service obligation owed on OnePost contracts

Why Churches Can Discriminate and You Can’t

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The United States Supreme Court recently held that a church can fire a teacher / minister for her disability. What you should know about religious entities and discrimination laws.

About What to Whom? The Heart of Online Influence

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@jimholincheck to @johnsumser “? abt influence since your so focused on it.Influence who to do what? Measures seem to be who is most seen/connected on social”

HRExaminer v3.02

We published the fifth edition of our Top 25 list of online influencers in recruiting this week. Find out what we’ve learned about influence on the Internet in the Recruiting space for HR and who is on the list.

Top 25 Online Influencers in Recruiting v5

Bodega Bay, California January 11, 2012 Fifth publication of recruiting online infleuncer list adds industry context to influencer conversation.     Here we go again. There are a ton of ways to think about influence and how it operates. When we publish a Top 25 list, the idea is that the list should represent the […]

Another Look at Influence

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The last time we published a list of influencers was in August, 2011. In the intervening five months, there has been an explosion of services that measure and evaluate an individual’s influence online.