Pandemic Workforce: Who’s Doing Amazing Stuff (The Watchlist)

John Sumser looks at the companies doing amazing things during the pandemic (his HR Examiner Watchlist). This Watchlist includes Workday, ServiceNow, ADP,, Humanyze, Vizier, PhenomPeople, Greenhouse, HiringSolved, WorkforceLogiq, Organization View, Culture Amp, and
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Pandemic Workforce: What’s Missing from Organizational Health, Safety, and Development during the COVID-19 Crisis?

In this clip from HRExaminer’s principal analyst, John Sumser explores what is missing from organizational health, safety, and development during the COVID-19 crisis.
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Pandemic Workforce: New Safety, Health, and Development Technology

John Sumser highlights some of the new safety, health, and development technology available for fighting COVID-19 in the workplace.
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Pandemic Workforce: Risks for Organizational Health, Safety, and Development

John Sumser discusses the risks for organizational health, safety, and development brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.
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HRExaminer v11.01

We’ve got three great articles drawn from an HR Examiner survey of 542 HR executives and subject matter experts about new and existing projects involving intelligent tools and AI. We covered 26 different technologies using a 28-question instrument spanning a wide range of topics.

In our first article we cover Abandonment of AI and Intelligent Tool Projects (and what it actually means).

Next, What Do HR Professionals Really Think About Machines Replacing People (and how are they evaluating new HR Technologies).

We finish with a key question: Do You Have A Data Governance Process?

John Sumser speaks with Laura Baldwin, the dynamic President of O’Reilly Media. John and Laura dig into O’Reilly’s lauded track record in predicting the next wave in technology while being there to help people master each new tool and transformation along the way. Laura Baldwin is on HRExaminer Radio.


HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #385: Laura Baldwin, President, O’Reilly Media

John Sumser speaks with Laura Baldwin, the President of O’Reilly Media. Laura started at O’Reilly in October 2001 as Chief Financial Officer and added Chief Operating Officer to her responsibilities in October 2004. She became O’Reilly’s first President in March 2011 and is currently responsible for O’Reilly’s businesses worldwide.

HRExaminer v11.00

We’ve got a whole week of amazing videos from John Sumser covering different impacts of the pandemic on the workforce.


Pandemic Workforce: Safety, Health, Development (SHD)

John Sumser discusses HR’s new pandemic triumvirate: safety, health, and development (SHD).
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Pandemic Workforce: Beware of certainty

John Sumser cautions us to beware of certainty as he reviews key organizational changes emerging during the pandemic and some dramatic data from Humanyze on how working relationships have experienced seismic shifts.
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Pandemic Workforce: Expect New Disability and Safety Issues

John Sumser discusses what new disability and safety issues will emerge from the coronavirus pandemic in your workforce.
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