Josh Kahn

Josh Kahn (April 15, 2009) I’ve been getting to know Josh Kahn for a couple of years now. We met through the Recruiting Roadshow®.He generously navigates the Bet Buy decision matrix to support the Minnesota Recruiters events which are held there. The first Recruiting Roadshow® was held in the hallowed halls of Best Buy. It became, […]

Buzzword Parade

Buzzword Parade (April 14, 2009) I was talking with a colleague about the buzzword problem in HR Technology. Most of HR is discussed in a jargon that has been slowly evolving since the first Personnel Departments emerged during the depression. The language of job descriptions, merit increases, conflict management, skills and personality assessment all require […]

What Is Social Recruiting?

What Is Social Recruiting (April 08, 2009) I’ve started a conversation about the nature of Social Recruiting on an Australian Wiki. It’s my contention that using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn et all to recruit is not necessarily social recruiting. It’s a desktop variant of Recruitment advertising. It’s an advanced form of sourcing. That’s not to say that […]

The Twitter Revolution III

The Twitter Revolution III (here’s Part I and II) (Mar 27, 2009) What separates humans from other animals is the sense of self-awareness. Increasingly, technical innovation is self-aware. The (probably unintentional) brilliance of Twitter is its lack of functionality and intention. That’s what gives it the ability to become self-aware as it evolves. These days, […]

Just Work

Just Work (Mar 26, 2009) There’s an emerging movement. It’s something like the slow food movement as it applies to work. Slow food is an antidote to fast food. It’s a part of the Slow Movement which features websites like  Slow Planet. Slow is not about doing everything at a snail’s pace; it’s about working, […]

Five Things HR Can Do

Five Things HR Can Do (March 13, 2009) The line between HR Basher and patriotic critic is lost on some. While many seasoned HR professionals are an active part of their company’s strategy design and execution, many more are not. I spoke with a colleague last night who said, there are three types of HR […]

Here Comes The Train

On March 11, 2009, in All, Daily News, Futures, Industry Analysis, John Sumser,, by John Sumser
Here Comes The Train (Again) (March 12, 2009) First of all, there are two very recent pieces that you need to read to stay on top of the global conversation about HR: Memo to CFOs: Don’t Trust HR (by Richard Beatty from Rutgers University in CFO Magazine) CFOs Should Trust HR, But Do Have Reasons […]

Hunting, Gathering

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Social Networking Software: Hunting, Gathering, Farming, Manufacturing, Interacting (Feb 27, 2009) You can predict the evolution. Just like the rest of civilization, access to and relationships with the members of the millions of social networks will evolve along traditional lines: Hunting, Gathering, Farming, Manufacturing, Interacting. That’s how the web grew up; that’s how the human […]
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Urban Myth

On February 24, 2009, in All, Daily News, Industry Analysis, John Sumser,, Networking, by John Sumser
Urban Myths and Legends (Feb 24, 2009) Yesterday, I happily “retweeted” a message that, in itself, was a retweet. (Did you follow that? I forwarded a twitter message that had been forwarded to me.) The tweet (message) said “RT @jimholincheck RT @ThomasCrampton: HK co just laidoff with fire alarm. Those whose security badges worked to […]

Why Twitter is Important

On February 12, 2009, in All, Daily News, Futures, Industry Analysis, John Sumser,, by John Sumser
Why Twitter is Important: Mapping the social genome. (Feb 12, 2009) Make no mistake. Twitter is the next Google. Not Facebook, not Friend Feed and not a thousand wannabe knockoffs. Just Twitter. Twitter has stopped being “What are you doing?” and started being “look at this!” Sometimes, this is me, this is you or this […]