Job Boards Revisited 2

Job Boards Revisited 2 (Jan 27, 2009) The job boards are often maligned, mismanaged and misunderstood. Several recent tidbits create an opportunity for a review. The December Comscore rankings tell a big story. Monster’s database was hacked again. The questions about the value of job boards are increasingly loud (see here and here) This table […]

Job Boards Revisited 1

Job Boards Revisited 1 (Jan 26, 2009) The Monster database was hacked again. According to a variety of sources (here, here and here), posted the warning about the breach on Friday morning and does not plan to send e-mails to users about the issue. The same attacks affected the job board as well. […]


(January 20, 2009) When I was six, I went to the Cedar Lane Elementary School in Vienna, Va. I had no idea that there were children of other colors and nationalities. Immigration was headed to an all time low of 3%. The black kids went to a school called Louise Archer. I didn’t do so […]

090107 Newspapers RIP

(January 7, 2009) So, here it comes. Print media are about to collapse. Guess whose fault it is? It’s raining articles about the impending failure of major press institutions. If the New York Times dies, does the news die? in the Industry Standard End Times in the Atlantic Monthly How the Newspapers Tried to Invent […]

081230 Decision Toolbox (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

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Decision Toolbox (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) (Dec 30, 2008) Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. That’s one of the things that really separates internal recruiters (staff recruiters) from the people who lead small staffing firms. When you start a business, you expose yourself to the furies of nature. It’s the sort of […]

The Recruiting Industry Is Broken 2: Free

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The Recruiting Industry Is Broken II: Free (December 15, 2008) "Nothing ain’t worth nothing But it’s free." – Kris Kristofferson Undercapitalization plagues the recruiting industry. The folk wisdom that says you can open a recruiting business with a computer and a phone. Planning, which implies long term investment, is rarely a part of the Recruiting […]

The Recruiting Industry Is Broken I

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The Recruiting Industry is Broken 1 (December 11, 2008) The idea that Recruiting, in its current shape, is some sort of a strategic function is completely laughable. At best, most Recruiters are “fixers” or “firefighters”. They respond to immediate crises. In most business functions, one plans in order to either avoid or minimize crises. When […]

The Sourcing Hierarchy: Rational Recruiting Expenditure

As budgets tighten, companies are beginning to wrestle with standard cost-effectiveness questions. Advertising and advertising-like functions are one of the first places that budget shaving takes root. Since much of Recruiting and Talent acquisition uses an advertising business model (upfront expense, limited quantification of returns), the cost cutter’s eyes are inevitably drawn towards expenses in […]

The Rise of the Recruiting Celebrities

Idiot Savants (November 17, 2008) Today’s piece is a response to a deliciously funny article by my good friend Ami Givertz. In “Speaking In Tongues“, Ami compares charismatic snake charmers and healers with the current crop of celebrities in the Recruiting Industry. Josh Kahn makes similar points in his article “Caveat Lector“. Josh is at […]

081110 Newspapers Grasp For Relevancy

Newspapers Grasp For Relevancy (Nov 10, 2008) I happened on Alan D. Mutter’s piece “It’s time