The Sourcing Hierarchy: Rational Recruiting Expenditure

As budgets tighten, companies are beginning to wrestle with standard cost-effectiveness questions. Advertising and advertising-like functions are one of the first places that budget shaving takes root. Since much of Recruiting and Talent acquisition uses an advertising business model (upfront expense, limited quantification of returns), the cost cutter’s eyes are inevitably drawn towards expenses in […]

The Rise of the Recruiting Celebrities

On November 17, 2008, in All, Industry Analysis, John Sumser,, Networking, by John Sumser
Idiot Savants (November 17, 2008) Today’s piece is a response to a deliciously funny article by my good friend Ami Givertz. In “Speaking In Tongues“, Ami compares charismatic snake charmers and healers with the current crop of celebrities in the Recruiting Industry. Josh Kahn makes similar points in his article “Caveat Lector“. Josh is at […]

081110 Newspapers Grasp For Relevancy

Newspapers Grasp For Relevancy (Nov 10, 2008) I happened on Alan D. Mutter’s piece “It’s time

081030 Recruiting Strategy 1

On October 30, 2008, in All, Industry Analysis, John Sumser,, Recruiting Strategy, by John Sumser
Recruiting Strategy 1 (Oct 30, 2008) The word sure gets kicked around. "Recruiting ‘should’ be a strategic partner in the enterprise." Most of the current array of ideas about Recruiting Strategy are self referential and make really bad assumptions about the role of the Recruiting Organization, the structure of the workforce, the desired end state. […]
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080922 Recruitfest

On September 22, 2008, in All, Industry Analysis, John Sumser,, Online Community, Recruiting Wisdom, by John Sumser
I spent the end of last week in Toronto at Recruitfest. A one (plus) day get together for members of the recruiting industry, the conference was designed as a networking event. Jason Davis’ brainchild, Recruitfest tackled 1. The day started at a reasonable time. Every industry event I have ever been to makes a point […]

080826 Population II

(August 26, 2008) For the entire history of the human race, with virtually no exceptions. the age distribution of population has had the shape of a pyramid. As people get older, there are fewer of them. The pyramid shape means that there are few old people and lots of young people. The older that people […]

What Recession (or Better, Where)?

Take a gander at these unemployment statistics: 70 Metropolitan Areas (out of 369… about 20%) have unemployment rates below 4% 170

ATS.2 (Applicant Tracking Systems)

The response to the first couple of articles in this series is interesting. Significantly, a number of credible market leaders think that the game is locked. Companies (vendors) who enter the Recruiting Software market will end up having to deliver ATS functionality if they want to stay in the game. Companies (customers) know how to […]

ATS.1 (Applicant Tracking Systems)

On May 12, 2008, in All, Industry Analysis, John Sumser,, by John Sumser
Picking up where we left off on Friday, the Taleo-Vurv merger is a yawner. The Applicant Tracking Systems industry, home to a hundred niche providers, is moribund.

New Day (or Is That Nude Day?)

On May 9, 2008, in All, Industry Analysis, John Sumser,, by John Sumser
The signs are auspicious. Monster, long the sole provider of industry leadership, turns away from the industry. HotJobs flounders in the midst of employee evacuations caused by merger talk. CareerBuilder, the best blue collar job board becomes the highest trafficked employment destination. Talent Management, a broadly integrated approach to human capital acquisition and deployment, takes […]