What job seekers really do online?

But as a data-driven marketer, I have been surprised too many times by ‘real data’ to trust anecdotal evidence. I want data – and lots of it.

Job Ads and Missed Connections

The vast majority of employers still have no idea that tiny changes in candidate behavior have suddenly rendered their entire recruiting strategy obsolete. There was no memo, no call to action—the revolution sounds like a whisper.

Blue Heron Recruiting

Here are a couple of posts from just about a decade ago.  The industry has been working over that time to clarify the definitions of talent pools, talent communities and so on. These two are a meditation on the business of attracting and nourishing talent.     Just outside of the greenhouse (our offices) is […]

Skills Gap 5 – The Future is Here

Senior engineers and first line supervisors found themselves without a map of the new territory. All of the vectors that defined work one day were invalid the next. A trench level employee who looked like he was slacking off might actually be waiting for the machine to finish processing.

Ascendify: Data is not a Relationship

The power of social technology enters the organization from the outside. Candidates and employees bring it in with them. Being candidate-centric is a survival strategy for companies looking to survive the coming demographic transitions.

What Are You Trying to Hide?

Social technology introduces transparency into places that used to be very well hidden. What is found in those closets isn’t always appealing. To echo a column from earlier this week, many employers are afraid of looking bad. That’s why they want to control social media.

Glassdoor Inside Connections

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Glassdoor is the on-line Yelp for companies. Now they’re introducing a Facebook integration called Inside Connections. Glassdoor is the first to provide a comprehensive research environment where results are driven by the users’ social network.

091008 Guerilla Candidate

The relationship between potential employees and employers is changing.Increased ‘transparency’ on both sides of the equation is altering the fundamental social contract. I’m writing about it in a variety of forums. Here’s my section from Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0 Things have really changed. Knowing exactly what you want is more important than ever. […]