Status Report .2

As I write, it’s beginning to look like Jobster will terminate my editorial responsibilities on Wednesday the 9th. It’s certainly their opion to change horses when and where they see fit. They’ve just done it awkwardly. For the vast majority of my time as the editor of, Jobster has ignored me. No resources and […]

Blue Chip

I’ve now received 15 referrals to a “premier talent website” called Blue Chip Expert. The idea is a multi-level-marketing spin on referrals. The operation appears to pander to consultants, Executive search people and hiring managers. Each of the notes I got inferred that I somehow knew the sender. One of the frustrating things about the […]

Inflection 8

The Generational Power Shift In The Industry (and In the Workplace) The day to day leadership of our industry (and most industries for that matter) rests in the hands of people in their forties. The greybeards look, well, a little old. Changes through merger, acquisition, failure and astonishing growth are the way that the new […]


The Rapid Multiplication of Social Software Tools and Environments So, now you can join an online social network whose membership is restricted to extremely narrow parameters. It’s so bad that the VCs are complaining. With no observable business model and limited barriers to entry, the proliferation of social software/networking sites is reaching a screaming peak. […]


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The Free Fall In The Pricing of Storage, Video and Still Images. Look around. Virtually every person you can see on American Streets carries a portable video device and a camera. As they learn to use the tools they already have, the landscape will shift. The changes will take five or ten years. They will […]


All cultures have subcultures. Many subcultures have their own subcultures. Subcultures can be nearly unrecognizable parts of the overall culture. If you do something at the top level, it needs to be adjusted as your targeting gets more precise. One of the reasons that Nationally based marketing has low response rates is that the buying […]

Daily Links

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How Much Traffic Can I Generate By Placing Eliot Spitzer and Ashley Alexandra Dupre In A Blog Title? The confusion between quantity and quality in a blog post. Inspire Action Workmanlike blog that’s outside the echo chamber How H-1B applications benefit American workers Jim Stroud on this article which is on this report. When is […]


The number of opportunities for direct communication with focused pools of talent (specialized job boards) grows at exponential rates. It’s reasonable to predict continued and consistent growth in this area. The ultimate number of job boards around the planet is likely to be in the hundreds of thousands.


Personal publishing hits the Recruiting Industry in a variety of ways. From the Recruiter’s perspective, there are nearly infinite options for reaching out to prospective candidates. From the candidate’s perspective, the array of options for declaring one’s availability and competencies is enormous. Blogs, communities, podcasts, video blogs, video interviews, video resumes, participative rating systems, networking […]


There are a number of converging elements that make up the current inflection point. They include The Redefinition of the Sourcing Function The Explosion in Information Sources (Blogs, Podcasts and VBlogs)) The Continued Growth of Job Boards, Niche Job Boards in Particular The Emergence of Regional Recruiting Phenomenon The Free Fall In The Pricing of […]