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All of my previous work on published over 2008 and 2009 is now available here on HRExaminer. You can see the full archive of my work from by clicking here. Posts are shown in typical reverse chronological order. Of course, you may find it easier to search our entire archive or browse articles […]

091202 Organizational Aikido

This presentation contains the insights I’ve developed from a couple of years of looking at organizational demographics. The idea of Organizational Aikido is that organizations naturally want to evolve in a certain way. Leading them means understanding the natural tendencies and leaving them alone unless you want to work really hard. The key to maintaining […]

091119 Social Recruiting Summit Video

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A short snippet of the actual presentation at the Social Recruiting Summity in NYC. Social Recruiting Technology Adoption Curve by ernestvlog

091119 Five Must Reads

091118 Five Must Reads Wanted Engineering Supply-Demand Hot Spots The data is a little stiff (no one really works some where called the San Francisco – Oakland – Fremont Metropolitan Statistical Area but tons of people commute to the individual cities). But, the idea is in the right place and this is a move forward. […]

091118 Five Must Reads

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I’m fresh from the Social Recruiting Summit in New York City. It was an extraordinary day with a great lineup and lots of good presentation and conversation. Laurie Reuttimann did a stellar job as MC. My Presentation on The State of Social Recruiting We’re still in the early stages of the adoption of Social Media […]

091116 Social Recruiting Summit

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Here’s my Social Recruiting Summit piece (hopefully) (or see )

091111 Five Must Reads

091111 Five Must Reads (and a Bonus) 21 Secrets Your Customer Service Reps Would Never Share (until now) It’s ridiculously hard to explain what conversation really means. The corporate managerial mindset is so used to one way (unidirectional) communications that it is nearly impossible to cause actual listening to happen. This piece showcases something you […]

091104 Five Must Reads

091104 Five Must Reads Using Technology To Improve Workforce Collaboration As the workforce changes, there are real questions about how you specify roles and performance when results come from teams. There are wide variations in the productivity of knowledge workers. Here are some points of departure for thinking about the coming world of work. What’s […]

091029 5 Must Reads

091028 5 Must Reads Friedman on Education “Our education failure is the largest contributing factor to the decline of the American worker’s global competitiveness, particularly at the middle and bottom ranges,” argued Martin, a former global executive with PepsiCo and Kraft Europe and now an international investor. “This loss of competitiveness has weakened the American […]

091016 Moving Day

Top 100…We’ve moved As a part of the reorganization of, the Top100 Influencers project moved to its new home at Top100Influencers. As is the case in any move, there are some things that got packed in the wrong box. We’re busy getting the feel of the new place and remembering where we put stuff […]