Life is Short and Work is Personal

Most people spend too much energy trying to fit-in and not rock the boat, especially at work. We want to be accepted. Choosing authenticity (we call it Flying your Freak Flag) means abandoning the quest to be normal, and inviting yourself and others to accept you just as you are.

Why Best Practices Suck

Shouldn’t we learn from others and determine the most effective way to reach our goals, benchmark our progress, and achieve success? Best practices are only best if you’re just practicing. And I have no clue what a benchmark really is, or what you do with one.

When Employers Are Liable for Harassment

The US Supremes issued their opinion in Vance v. Ball State University this morning holding that an employer is not liable for its employee’s racial or sexual harassment unless the harasser is a supervisor of the victim employee.

HR Needs a New Learning Leader

Topics: HRExaminer, Leadership, by Randy Emelo
Most learning leaders got their start by assessing training needs, developing courses, and then facilitating those courses in the classroom. L&D professionals have refined these skills and made their niche in these areas, but is this a good thing?

The 7 Stages of Promotion

People don’t know what it’s like to lead until they get there.  Too often, however, professionals overestimate how well they know this new place, thus they engage the stages of promotion with surprise and elevated stress.

Weasels and Sociopaths

As a lawyer, I deal with weasels and sociopaths a lot. Weasels and sociopaths love power. And money.

Show Your Ink: You Have to Be Real

“Today, our understanding of leadership is undergoing a massive transformation.  Achieving strong results has and always will be part of the definition of great leadership.” – Todd Dewett