What intelligent tools are organizations using (and what’s their growth potential)?

“Beyond the claim on the package, it is difficult to understand what an intelligent tool does. It’s even harder to understand what more it might do and how to improve it.” - John Sumser

Do You Have A Data Governance Process?

Over the next two to five years HR’s most important asset will be its data. So, what percent of organizations already have a Data Governance policy? We surveyed 542 HR executives to find out.

What Do HR Professionals Really Think About Machines Replacing People (and how are they evaluating new HR Technologies)?

We surveyed 542 HR executives and subject matter experts to find out what they really think about machines replacing people (and how they are evaluating new HR Tech).

Abandonment of AI and Intelligent Tool Projects (and what it actually means)

We surveyed 542 HR executives and subject matter experts to find out what AI and intelligent tools were passing or failing in real-world deployments.

The Human Machine Learning Partnership

Recognizing AI means trying to remember, in the onslaught of machine opinion, that by accepting the machine’s opinion you are making a decision. ‘The machine suggests but the fault is yours’ will necessarily replace ‘The machine told me to do it.’ - John Sumser

We Don’t Know If We Can Eliminate Bias From Tech

“Bias related technical tools fall into two categories. The tech group assumes that things work better when humans are not involved. The human group assumes that people should be the decision-makers when lives and careers are affected.” – John Sumser

AI and Intelligent Tools in HR Tech Right Now – Q&A, Reinventing HR

John Sumser’s video talk on where we are now with Intelligent Tools (AI and Data) in the HR and Recruiting space during the coronavirus pandemic. John covers the key points companies need to understand about AI and other intelligent tools to successfully implement systems and gain their full benefits.

Software Implementation in HR with Intelligent Tools and AI

“The number of tools available in Talent Acquisition outnumbers other tools by almost 10 to 1. New intelligent tool initiatives are most likely to start in the Recruiting silo or as a part of a larger suite initiative.” - John Sumser

Nuance in HR that AI and Intelligent Tools Don’t See

“The nature of algorithmic decision-making is that the machine seeks hard lines for solutions. Most Human Resource questions involve subtle distinctions, case specifics, or other bits of context. When even a little compassion or conscience is required, machines can only assist.” - John Sumser

Predictions Everywhere – 9 Trends that are Shaping AI and Intelligent Tools in HR Tech Part II

Veteran HR Tech Analyst, John Sumser completes his series on Nine trends shaping AI and intelligent tools in HR Tech.