Informal Embrace

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CLOs tell me the stuff that keeps them awake at night is that now the realization that learning is social, mobile, and collaborative.

Getting The Problem Straight

Market complexity is the normal condition of the Recruiting and HR  Industry. With warring factions, cultural differences, regional biases, profession driven sales techniques and 50 Million annual customized transactions, it is not surprising that no company has ever owned more than 4% of the domestic American marketplace. It is difficult to explain the recurring expectation […]

Recruiting Strategy

Recruiting, as currently practiced, is a defensive and reactive process full of promotional techniques. Placing an ad on a job board, hiring a staffing or search firm, and, filling a requirement after it is identified are all reactive behaviors executed in defense of a set of circumstances that happen out of the control of the recruiter. The problem with promotion as a development tool is that it makes people want to run away.

Dr. HR and Mr. Recruiting

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There is nothing more important than having the payroll on time and accurate. Unless your firm is very young and very entrepreneurial, the morale impact of bad payroll processing is an unthinkable option. Profound diligence and precision in this purely administrative challenge is the minimum requirement.

Employment Websites and Workforce Planning

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Employment websites are rarely designed with visitors in mind. This simple insight is the foundation for much of the improvement that can be done. The idea of candidate experience is nonsense unless it is squarely tied to a specific audience.


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All of the sourcing and record keeping programs in the world can’t begin to compensate for a recruiting process that treats potential candidates as objects.

Pummeling Equine Cadavers

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Self proclaimed HR thought leaders tend to be vacuous morons, incapable of sustained thought. There’s a code that I saw somewhere that says you can’t be one unless someone else says you are (without being asked to). Even that’s not good enough, really. The bluntest knife in the box has a mom who thinks he’s got HR Thought Leadership potential. When he walks up to you and introduces himself as a HR thought leader, hang on to your wallet.

Friendship Farming

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A friendship involves reciprocal exchanges of real value. You build networks by being the initiator coif the relationship by giving real value first. Real value is not the name of a chum or the redistribution of a job ad. Real value is the kind of help you get from and give to a friend. Our Indian social entrepreneurs are creating their own supply of social capital in order to get a better job. This is not the kind of service that is being built in the Western world. Most of the HR / Recruiting social media offerings I see are focused on the generation and dissemination of data. Networks are not about relationships in much of the HR Social Media I see. Rather, Networks are sources of data that can be used to selectively target people (as if they were turkeys in a turkey shoot). Meanwhile, the rest of the world is using social media to be social and do social things.

Audience and Candidate Experience

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Like cramming for a math final after skipping the class all semester, the active job hunter is faced with a sea of conflicting number one priorities, often without the resources required to effectively fill in all of the blanks. Clarity about the next step, self-confidence (in spite of whatever prompted the need to shift jobs), an orientation of accomplishment and a clear sense of “What Do I Want To Do” are the most basic components of this standard recipe for a nervous breakdown. That’s right, people who are actively looking for work tend to be scattered and faking it. Otherwise, the layers of embedded conflict would eat them alive.

Job Ad Architecture

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This is a detailed look at the mechanics and consequences of the job advertisement. The Job Ad is the fundamental element of Recruiting Transactions and the baseline for building a quality workforce, a solid candidate pipeline and the raw material for solid Workforce Planing and Talent Management