Position Players vs All-Around Athletes

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“Hiring managers face a dilemma similar to coaches: Should you hire someone who’s really good at one particular thing – or someone who is more of an all-around player?” This guest post from Auren Hoffman shares his insights and experience as the CEO of Rapleaf and an Angel Investor.

Top 100 Influencers v1.77: Trisha McFarlane

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Still, the puzzle of influence remains worth studying. As a tool, no HR professional can get their work done without knowing how to utilize influence. That’s what people in staff positions do. Folks with line responsibilities have power and authority. People on staff have responsibility and influence. (This, more than anything, is at the root of HR’s status in most organizations.)

HRExaminer v2.17

Top 25 Online Influencers in Recruiting v3.0 "…The people who are influential in social media are influential among themselves. That's not that different from other trend setting demographics. The trendsetters are always trendier amongst themselves than they are with the public at large. That's why they are trendsetters." – John Sumser Read Now » Training—Why […]

Top 100 Influencers v 1.76 Bob Corlett

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Great talent in the HR and Recruiting universe rarely arrives in a straight line fashion but Bob Corlett is one great example of where it has. None of the stories of the Top 100 to date involve a person who went to school to become a member of the HR Industry. Ironic. Despite being half the cost of everyone else in Executive search, or perhaps because of it, Bob’s firm recently earned the staffing industry’s only award for exceptional client service. Bob Corlett is unafraid of the old or new and firmly invested in getting it right.

HRExaminer v2.09

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We're not sure if explosive chaos and sausage should be used in the same article but Mr. Sumser has gone and done it anyway. And it's about Bill Boorman, Top 100 influencer, speaker of the #tru, maker of un, and super connector in the global recruiting marketplace. Plus, read the HRExaminer series on employer branding […]

Top 100 v 1.75 Bill Boorman

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Top 100 v 1.75 Bill Boorman Explosive chaos. That’s what the first days of the universe were like. Explosive chaos with a kajillion undifferentiated moving parts. That’s how the Creative forces of nature work. Never pretty, rarely rational. Science was invented to try to describe creative processes. They are like the proverbial sausage factory. What goes […]

Eileen Clegg

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Ideas are big things and describing them in words can present some pretty serious limitations. With a number of books under her belt and ten years as a newspaper reporter, Clegg is pretty great at breaking free from those limitation. For example, Clegg often uses her visual approach to sharpen the picture where words might fail. Eileen Clegg is a prototypical Renaissance person with broad interests and deep networks. She has spent an additional chunk of her life working at the Institute for the Future where her atypical background in written and visual storytelling have helped to move HR forward.

Top 100 v 1.74 Kelly Cartwright

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Top 100 v 1.74 Kelly Cartwright The HR Industry is maturing. Fifteen years ago, the space was a wild west sideshow. As the emergence of software standardized administrative practice, HR became increasingly intelligible. Although the older institutions have failed to keep pace with reality, that’s hardly a surprise. HR evolved from the payroll department to a digital […]

HRExaminer v1.45

Who said Talent Management was just for rock stars… In this week's HRExaminer Magazine we feature the Top 25 online influencers in Talent Management. Plus, Editorial Advisory Board Contributor Dr. Todd Dewett on Performance Management, a Top 100 profile of U.K. based Jon Ingham and a recap of the first HRDemo Industry Analyst Summit. Feature […]

Top 100 v1.73 Jon Ingham

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For every 250 bloggers talking to an empty virtual room about nothing, there is one voice delivering value and perspective. The democratization of publishing has made it possible for all sorts of voices to be heard. That so little is being said is only troubling if you don’t agree with Einstein, who said, “Only two […]