How Google Converted Joy Into Long Term Customers

“Great companies (think Apple app store) follow their customers to the value with periodic fits of leadership. The meaning of the software is what the users do.” – John Sumser

The New Architecture of Work

Time and motion are not the issue when the product is ideas, conversation and reusable intellectual property. The only thing we know for sure about breakthrough software development is that it seems to involve late nights and a lot of pizza.

It’s Not Really a Network

We are at the edges of the second generation of social media. Much of the original hype has been tested and found wanting. It turns out that we don’t really like seeing job ads in the middle of the flow of descriptions of last night’s burritos.

091013 #TalentCamp

#TalentCamp This weekend in Portland is the first gathering of #TalentCamp. With marketing that’s reminiscent of the startup of Sourcecon (recently purchased by ERE), #TalentCamp is shrouded in mystery. The participants, all fully fledged  members of the Recruiterati, aspire to great heights. The core participants Brian DeGroodt, Franny Oxford, Jeff Hunter, Joe Gerstandt, Lance Haun,  […]

091008 Guerilla Candidate

The relationship between potential employees and employers is changing.Increased ‘transparency’ on both sides of the equation is altering the fundamental social contract. I’m writing about it in a variety of forums. Here’s my section from Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0 Things have really changed. Knowing exactly what you want is more important than ever. […]

The Twitter Revolution III

The Twitter Revolution III (here’s Part I and II) (Mar 27, 2009) What separates humans from other animals is the sense of self-awareness. Increasingly, technical innovation is self-aware. The (probably unintentional) brilliance of Twitter is its lack of functionality and intention. That’s what gives it the ability to become self-aware as it evolves. These days, […]

090325 Industry Network Links

Thought For The Day: “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?”  ~Satchel Paige via Elaine Orler HRM Today 924 Members, professional HR orientation. Lots of SHRM overlap. Founded and operated by Jenn Barnes (HR Wench) , Lance Haun ( and  Laurie Ruettimann (Punk Rock HR). They have about 300 […]

The Twitter Revolution

The Twitter Revolution (Mar 24, 2009) It’s no small irony that I write this note from my office in Bodega Bay, CA. This place is known for its assortment of unique avian inhabitants. The reputation was enough to convince Alfred Hitchcock to film the classic move about birds right here. Twittering, the squawking that frightened […]

Future’s So Bright II

The Future’s So Bright II (March 18, 2009) Can you recall the emergence of Google? The financial crash had hit its bottom, the recovery was moving slowly. The ashes of the dotcom era included high rolling Search Engines like AltaVista, Lycos and Northernlight. These companies indexed the web and provided great search results. But, they […]

Consolidate and Fragment

Social Networking Software: Consolidate and Fragment (Feb 26, 2009) By now, you’re familiar with the fact that Facebook is growing at 1 kazillion percent per month; that MySpace is plateauing and that LinkedIn is struggling to feel like a community.. It’s easy to lose site of the nearly 1 million small social networks* on Ning […]