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“We need far more offerings of original thought then we do evaluative comments about what others think. ” – Marc Effron

Social Recruiting Questions

“Social Recruiting is an important part of a company’s employment brand. Yet, it has to be more than just putting up a Facebook page and posting self-serving ads.” – Heather Bussing

Blue Heron Recruiting

Here are a couple of posts from just about a decade ago.  The industry has been working over that time to clarify the definitions of talent pools, talent communities and so on. These two are a meditation on the business of attracting and nourishing talent.     Just outside of the greenhouse (our offices) is […]

The New Architecture of Work

Time and motion are not the issue when the product is ideas, conversation and reusable intellectual property. The only thing we know for sure about breakthrough software development is that it seems to involve late nights and a lot of pizza.

Ascendify: Data is not a Relationship

The power of social technology enters the organization from the outside. Candidates and employees bring it in with them. Being candidate-centric is a survival strategy for companies looking to survive the coming demographic transitions.

090527 Disruption Links

Thought for the Day: Disruption happens when the price drops and the profit increases. Incumbents fail. The Myth of Macroinnovation: “My experience with large companies and governments shows me that it is not a simple or trivial matter to recognize the benefits or marshal the resources. A common failure mode is where the leadership say […]

Best Buy

Best Buy (April 16, 2009) In my conversations with Josh Kahn, it became apparent that Best Buy is doing something really different. Over and over again, I asked him if it felt like being at “Ground Zero”, if he could think of any other company who was organizing along the same lines. While he pointed […]

Josh Kahn

Josh Kahn (April 15, 2009) I’ve been getting to know Josh Kahn for a couple of years now. We met through the Recruiting Roadshow®.He generously navigates the Bet Buy decision matrix to support the Minnesota Recruiters events which are held there. The first Recruiting Roadshow® was held in the hallowed halls of Best Buy. It became, […]

What Is Social Recruiting?

What Is Social Recruiting (April 08, 2009) I’ve started a conversation about the nature of Social Recruiting on an Australian Wiki. It’s my contention that using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn et all to recruit is not necessarily social recruiting. It’s a desktop variant of Recruitment advertising. It’s an advanced form of sourcing. That’s not to say that […]

The Twitter Revolution III

The Twitter Revolution III (here’s Part I and II) (Mar 27, 2009) What separates humans from other animals is the sense of self-awareness. Increasingly, technical innovation is self-aware. The (probably unintentional) brilliance of Twitter is its lack of functionality and intention. That’s what gives it the ability to become self-aware as it evolves. These days, […]