090325 Industry Network Links

Thought For The Day: “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?”  ~Satchel Paige via Elaine Orler HRM Today 924 Members, professional HR orientation. Lots of SHRM overlap. Founded and operated by Jenn Barnes (HR Wench) , Lance Haun (YourHRGuy.com) and  Laurie Ruettimann (Punk Rock HR). They have about 300 […]

Five Things HR Can Do

Five Things HR Can Do (March 13, 2009) The line between HR Basher and patriotic critic is lost on some. While many seasoned HR professionals are an active part of their company’s strategy design and execution, many more are not. I spoke with a colleague last night who said, there are three types of HR […]

Accuracy and Trust

It’s really easy to believe that the president of SHRM could be out of touch enough to think that it’s okay to say “HR is nothing less than civil rights and human rights.” HR people are that out of touch with their organizations. They see no conflict between having an external political agenda and ‘having a seat at the strategy table’. Which flavor of human and civil rights do you suppose HR stands for? Are they for or against the human and civil rights of the unborn? Is HR really supposed to be the PC police, extending and policing rights? Are they really supposed to be an organizations arbiter of politics beyond the law?

Consolidate and Fragment

Social Networking Software: Consolidate and Fragment (Feb 26, 2009) By now, you’re familiar with the fact that Facebook is growing at 1 kazillion percent per month; that MySpace is plateauing and that LinkedIn is struggling to feel like a community.. It’s easy to lose site of the nearly 1 million small social networks* on Ning […]

Social Network Data

How Do You Manage Data From Social Networks? (Feb 25, 2009) There’s no question that social networks are a huge part of the future of Recruiting. With roughly 65 Million users in the domestic US, social networks are rapidly becoming the norm. Youth (29 and under) adoption is in the 2/3 range. Here are the […]

Radical Transparency

Radical Transparency at Bullhorn Live (Feb 05, 2009) I got back from the Bullhorn Live (User’s conference) late yesterday afternoon. Las Vegas remains the same. Bullhorn, however is really experimenting with some interesting things. Fresh from a $26 Million Venture Capital infusion, the company is out to develop a category killing scale and footprint. They […]

Stumping Google

081126 Stumping Google (November 26, 2008) In the office, we all use Gmail. The  array of features and overlay applications make it a "must use" tool. Google is seeping into the corners of our lives. They have become our partner and we didn’t even notice. The holidays and shifting economic times make for a difficult […]

080923 A Great Job Board?

(Sep 23, 2008) Jason Davis started a great conversation over on RecruitingBlogs.com. Take a look at "Building a successful Job Board". Like most discussions that try to generalize about a big idea, you run into trouble quickly on this topic. Success is one of those ideas that is entirely in the eye of the beholder. […]

080922 Recruitfest

I spent the end of last week in Toronto at Recruitfest. A one (plus) day get together for members of the recruiting industry, the conference was designed as a networking event. Jason Davis’ brainchild, Recruitfest tackled 1. The day started at a reasonable time. Every industry event I have ever been to makes a point […]

080908 Old is the New New

(September 08, 2008) Reading through the industry news this morning, I had the weirdest sense that it was 1993 all over again. That winter and early spring, versions of xMosaic found their way onto computers. At first, it seemed like a non-event. The first web browser was an text based exercise in hyperlinking. Formatting was […]