080906 Dallas Recruiting Roadshow

(September 06, 2008) On September 25, 2008, the Recruiting

080902 Bozo Filter

(September 02, 2008) Good conversations have give and take. It’s hard to do that when there’s a lot of shouting. It’s hard to do that when manners get left at the door. “An ad hominem argument consists of replying to an argument or factual claim by attacking or appealing to a characteristic or belief of […]

Status Report .3

It’s time to get back to business. Today, I launched a regular happening on recruitingblogs.com. Called Digging Into Recruitingblogs.com, the idea is to showcase the things that make the community the vibrant place that it is. Here’s the introductory article.

Status Report .2

As I write, it’s beginning to look like Jobster will terminate my editorial responsibilities on Wednesday the 9th. It’s certainly their opion to change horses when and where they see fit. They’ve just done it awkwardly. For the vast majority of my time as the editor of Recruiting.com, Jobster has ignored me. No resources and […]


The Rapid Multiplication of Social Software Tools and Environments So, now you can join an online social network whose membership is restricted to extremely narrow parameters. It’s so bad that the VCs are complaining. With no observable business model and limited barriers to entry, the proliferation of social software/networking sites is reaching a screaming peak. […]