The New Architecture of Work

Time and motion are not the issue when the product is ideas, conversation and reusable intellectual property. The only thing we know for sure about breakthrough software development is that it seems to involve late nights and a lot of pizza.

Tim Sackett: Top Influencers Special Edition v0.00

“Beating our wayward employees, while personally enjoyable, doesn’t really seem to be doing much for productivity. Why don’t we simply have them removed from the premises and never speak to them again. It would be like putting your problems in a trash sack and having them hauled away.”

Top 25 Online Influencers in Recruiting v5

Bodega Bay, California January 11, 2012 Fifth publication of recruiting online infleuncer list adds industry context to influencer conversation.     Here we go again. There are a ton of ways to think about influence and how it operates. When we publish a Top 25 list, the idea is that the list should represent the […]