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“We need far more offerings of original thought then we do evaluative comments about what others think. ” – Marc Effron

When Content Ownership Doesn’t Matter

Who owns the Oscar Selfie? Ellen, Bradley Cooper, or someone else? Legal Editor Heather Bussing breaks down all the legal fine points.

Social Media, Blogging, and Copyright

The first thing to understand is the law is way behind reality. Almost all intellectual property law is based on the idea that there is something tangible that you can own and attach ownership rights to—like a book, or a poem, or a painting.

The New Architecture of Work

Time and motion are not the issue when the product is ideas, conversation and reusable intellectual property. The only thing we know for sure about breakthrough software development is that it seems to involve late nights and a lot of pizza.

Accuracy and Trust

It’s really easy to believe that the president of SHRM could be out of touch enough to think that it’s okay to say “HR is nothing less than civil rights and human rights.” HR people are that out of touch with their organizations. They see no conflict between having an external political agenda and ‘having a seat at the strategy table’. Which flavor of human and civil rights do you suppose HR stands for? Are they for or against the human and civil rights of the unborn? Is HR really supposed to be the PC police, extending and policing rights? Are they really supposed to be an organizations arbiter of politics beyond the law?

Stumping Google

081126 Stumping Google (November 26, 2008) In the office, we all use Gmail. The  array of features and overlay applications make it a "must use" tool. Google is seeping into the corners of our lives. They have become our partner and we didn’t even notice. The holidays and shifting economic times make for a difficult […]

080415 Daily Links

A Bigger Message David Kippen points out the hard work in developing a distinctive employment brand Global SEO Strategies You’ll be tempted to think that Nicole St. Martin doesn’t agree with today’s article on SEO Employment Branding How To Animal continues to whittle the complex into the simple. He is simply amazing Pro or parasite? […]


The Rapid Multiplication of Social Software Tools and Environments So, now you can join an online social network whose membership is restricted to extremely narrow parameters. It’s so bad that the VCs are complaining. With no observable business model and limited barriers to entry, the proliferation of social software/networking sites is reaching a screaming peak. […]


Personal publishing hits the Recruiting Industry in a variety of ways. From the Recruiter’s perspective, there are nearly infinite options for reaching out to prospective candidates. From the candidate’s perspective, the array of options for declaring one’s availability and competencies is enormous. Blogs, communities, podcasts, video blogs, video interviews, video resumes, participative rating systems, networking […]


If you read the Wikipedia definition of an inflection point, you may come away confused. An inflection point is “a point on a curve at which the curvature changes sign. The curve changes from being concave upwards (positive curvature) to concave downwards (negative curvature), or vice versa. If one imagines driving a vehicle along the […]