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FTC Social Media Disclosure Requirements

On December 17, 2012, in Heather Bussing, Policies, by Heather Bussing
If your company is involved in social media, or if your employees blog or tweet as part of their work, they need to remember the FTC’s transparency requirements. The Federal Trade Commission is the consumer agency that brought you “truth in advertising.” Okay. They’re still working on it.

Five Links: The Unevenly Distributed Future

Each one of these articles should cause you to scratch your head. The world is changing fast and these ideas are at the forefront of the change. How the outside sees your labor practices, man-machine integration, democratic big data, brain drain is good, build a utility with your brand. Enjoy.

Trash Your Policy Manual

On November 19, 2012, in Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, Policies, by Heather Bussing
Progressive discipline is demoralizing to the employee, requires you to set them up and forces everyone through a stupid process that never works. It disrupts everyone because the employee gets angry and bitter and tries to get everyone else to agree with her.
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