Who Owns Data 5: Privacy

“The right not to have your private life made public if it would be highly offensive or if there is no legitimate public concern. This is the fundamental basis of informational privacy.” – Heather Bussing

Who Owns Data 1- Overview

The ownership of data depends on what the data is, how it was generated, what devices were used, where it came from, and whether it is attributable to a person or thing. It depends on existing legal ideas, and ones that have not been developed yet.

Social Media’s Real Legal Issues

When companies adopt social media, they are usually concerned about people saying bad things about them. Their first instinct is to issue a policy that dictates what people can and cannot say.

How Employers Can Still See Employee Social Media Accounts

Almost all states’ social media password laws allow the employer access to an employee’s social media account as part of an investigation. There are few, if any, limits on what the investigation is about.

Five Links: Genetic Testing and Data

As genetic information becomes clearer and more widely available, it’s going to become an issue in employment law. While there are regulations in place (see below), the data is voluminous, unwieldy and likely to be everywhere.

Genetic Testing

This stuff isn’t going to be private for very long. If I can find my relatives using genetic information, then the reverse is true. It won’t take long until employers will be able to make a pretty good guess.

Don’t Take Bad Social Media Advice

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If you have good judgment and common sense, social media can be a great tool. If not, it’s evidence. There’s a lot of bad advice out there about using social media. Some of it is well intentioned. Other is just plain stupid. Some of it will hurt you.

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More Privacy

“As technology makes monitoring everything possible, and data about people, their bodies, actions, and processes becomes valuable, privacy will be one of the biggest social and legal issues of our time. Here is the series we did on workplace privacy late last year.” – Heather Bussing

The Privacy App

Privacy is the shielding of personal and behavioral data from people who find value in it. While there may be other people from whom the data flow is withheld, privacy is only interesting when the data produces value for the people who receive and manipulate it.