It’s Not About the Functionality (Ever)

“Can you tell the difference between new recruiting technology and pornography? If you listen to the ‘old school’ bunch, there’s not that much. Like porn, new recruiting technology promises the delivery of your fantasy. Often, it’s mostly in your mind.” – John Sumser

How Referrals Work

By eliminating personal accountability, the highest volume referral programs lose all of the ‘oomph’ that makes the basic approach work.

Job Board Renewal

The next generation of job boards is emerging. They deliver more data to narrower audiences.

Sumser Interview: 2014 Job Board Summit North America

At the end of the month, I’ll be joining a fascinating group of presenters and professionals at the JobG8 conference in Orlando.

Mobile Recruiting Rears Up

Mobile Recruiting: what’s taking so long, whose fault is it, and how can an earnest visionary speed things up.

Five Links: Whose Experience?

This week: Technology is moving too fast, Google gives 20th Century resume advice, Programmers pretend they know more than they know, Buy twitter followers & Who owns the experience?

The LinkedIn Lawsuit

The new LinkedIn lawsuit could be pivotal and far reaching in the arena of recruiting and recruiting technology.

Talent Shortages

With large portions of our workforce under utilized, demoralized or simply out of work, it strains credulity to say that we are suffering talent shortages.

David Mamet’s Memo to the Writers of the Unit

Famous writers like David Mamet know how to hold an audience’s attention like few others. Good dramatic writing is to effective business writing as coffee is to closers.

More Local Recruiting

Topics: John Sumser, Recruiting Is Local, by John Sumser
The first reason local recruiting is important is that small businesses are virtually all local operations. They only hire locally. Local Recruiting doesn’t mean narrowing your search. It means starting locally and working up.