Communications Channels II

With hundreds, maybe even thousands of communications tools at your disposal, what in the world do you do? It will certainly feel overwhelming unless you have a strategy for dealing with the noise level.

Member of the Tribe

“In the years I’ve been researching, reading, writing and creating employer brands, the most overused phrase has to be “employer value proposition.” You join the tribe and POOF. It’s like taking your blindfold off in a Febreze commercial.” Susan Strayer

HRExaminer v4.21

Feature: When is the right time to invest in mobile? The longer you can wait, the clearer it will get. But can you afford to wait? John Sumser has Five keys to Mobile Recruiting in this week’s feature article on HRExaminer. Also in this issue, William Tincup on Customer Feedback and John interviews Bryan Chaney on HRExaminer Radio.
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Candidate Acquisition (the Forgotten Cost)

Traffic acquisition is the most overlooked aspect of the social recruiting, employment branding and mobile recruiting movements.

5 Key Questions: Mobile Recruiting

There is absolutely no doubt that some recruiting practices will be changed by mobile technology. The technology investment question is better understood as ‘are we at a point where platform stability and clear use cases mandate the use of mobile tech in recruiting?’

Hire People, Not Just Skills.

“Study humans, not best practices.” My friend and colleague, Jason Lauritsen said this at a recent conference. I wanted to stand up and cheer. I love it because it’s short and sweet, and extremely powerful. I want to put it on a rubber wristband for every Recruiter, Hiring Manager, hell, every company – so I […]

Job Ads and Missed Connections

The vast majority of employers still have no idea that tiny changes in candidate behavior have suddenly rendered their entire recruiting strategy obsolete. There was no memo, no call to action—the revolution sounds like a whisper.

Big Data and Marty McFly

“Since there aren’t any college degree programs for aspiring Data Scientists yet, validating the mastery of these skills will be an interesting challenge for recruiters and hiring managers.” – China Gorman

Recruiting Sizzle

“If marketing has a counterpart in the talent management world, it’s certainly in recruiting. The two practices are more aligned than most would care to admit and attraction is at the heart of both.” – Maren Hogan

Social Recruiting: History and Future

So far, social recruiting hasn’t really delivered on its promises. The constant drumbeat of evangelism (hurry up or you’ll miss the boat) turns out not to be true. There’s no boat and missing it doesn’t mean much.