Shortages are Regional

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The idea that an employee should show up ready to work with her own tools (Bring Your Own Device) is a symptom of a failure to invest in the workforce.

Job Board Renewal

The next generation of job boards is emerging. They deliver more data to narrower audiences.

Sumser Interview: 2014 Job Board Summit North America

At the end of the month, I’ll be joining a fascinating group of presenters and professionals at the JobG8 conference in Orlando.

Talent Shortages

With large portions of our workforce under utilized, demoralized or simply out of work, it strains credulity to say that we are suffering talent shortages.

Skills Gap 2: Outsourcing

In a world dominated by gut hunches, perception is reality. The reason we want to dig a little deeper is that when you solve a problem of perception as if it were a problem of supply, the wrong decisions get made.

The Hiring Paradox (Skills Gap 1)

Recruiting rule number 1 is that you can always solve your skills shortages with enough money. At that point, it becomes someone else’s problem. Growth in that arena is only possible with an investment of some sort. The question is “Who makes it?”

Eleven Nations: A Course in Culture

Our regional divides stem from the fact that the original clusters of North American colonies were settled by people from distinct regions of the British Islands—and from France, the Netherlands, and Spain—each with their own religious, political, and ethnographic characteristics.

090713 Techno Links

Thought for the Day: A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him – David Brinkley LinkedIn For Knowledge Workers Tony Karrer continues to impress. This post contains a cornucopia of resources for use and tactics on LinkedIn. In a former life, Karrer and his […]

Relocation Trends

Relocation Trends (April 07, 2009) This is a really good time to figure out the future of your workforce. The downturn changes a lot of things. If you’re still at your desk (and lots of folks in HR are gone), start wondering and planning. After this is all over, we’re going to be living in […]

080904 Population VI (Types)

(September 04, 2008) Thanks for patiently wading through the descriptions of Population Pyramids over the past week. I am struggling to make the idea simple enough for popular consumption. I think that population distribution maps have the potential to be very useful tools in the development of Recruiting Strategy, among other things. Now that we […]