TalentBin iPhone App

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If you’re headed to a meeting or out and about, this is a fantastic tool for finding and finding out about someone from your phone. Lookup gives you access to the database from your phone. For free.

Startup Compensation Guide

While it’s not quite exploding, there’s a frenzy of activity in the startup world. As the deck chairs rearrange themselves and new players get introduced, the whole compensation question is veiled in mystery and supposition.

What’s Up, Mo?

In a world of rapid feedback in large volumes, employees are looking for clues about whether to stay or to go. There are a ton of variables that can be combined to create a really meaningful assessment of one’s prospects within a company.

Ascendify: Data is not a Relationship

The power of social technology enters the organization from the outside. Candidates and employees bring it in with them. Being candidate-centric is a survival strategy for companies looking to survive the coming demographic transitions.

Alex the Benefits Counselor

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With the possible exception of a strange exercise offered by the OD department, few employees smile when they think of HR. Between administrivia, Employee Assistance, payroll, training, recruiting, referral programs, absence management and the rest of it, HR has the very tough job of explaining and implementing infrastructure.

SF in SF Stuff

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Given the opportunity to personify the stated values of the company, the SuccessFactors team choked and did what most organizations usually do.

A Multitude of Hope

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The most interesting aspect of this work is that it proposes a radical solution that can be implemented without bloodshed or massive social upheaval. By focusing on the perfection of our talents and refusing to taint them for the sake of money, Weddle points to a viable approach for the Occupy movement’s future.

Equifax Is a Big Data Company.

By itself, Talx was an extraordinary data asset. Imagine that all of the information associated with the 11 services listed above were collected in a single database. If you could figure out how to sort and sift it, all sorts of things would be possible.
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Project Staffing

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Often, the real work of a company is expressed in small projects that are coordinated by project managers rather than first level supervisors. The internal project economy tends to run on reputation and political vectors rather than the HR preferred meritocracy.

Opening The Big Data Future of Employment Branding

On a job by job basis, the Wanted Analytics data can be displayed to show where a particular job is being hired and who the day to day competitors are. With data in hand, in becomes particularly clear that the competition varies by job and location.