The Power Balance

There is a power balance in the branding and recruiting game. When marketers, recruiters and managers forget this, things tend to turn sour.

3 HR Metrics to Monitor Risk

The metrics that are tied to organizational strategy and risk are the ones that the C-Suite really cares about.

Google Glass Field Note 4

In this note, John Sumser details all of the functions and capabilities of the Google Glass device.

Human What?

Humans are not capital. What we call things really, really matters.

HRExaminer v.3.51

Our features this week are highlights from HR Examiner in 2012 and include The Skills Gap, New Architecture of Work and Employee Privacy Series. We’ve enjoyed your company this year and we wish you a wonderful New Year.

Skills Gap: The Series

Topics: John Sumser, Skills Gap, by John Sumser
A walk down any Main Street will show you what’s hapopening in the retail sector. It’s shrinking and getting more technical. At the very same time, retail suffers from surplus and shortage. That’s what’s so tricky about any anlysis of the problem.

Skills Gap 4: Undercapitalization

Topics: HR Trends, HRExaminer, John Sumser, Skills Gap, by John Sumser
The demands of cashflow management and finance terms don’t really allow for workers to have much onboarding time. This has increased employers’ desire to have plug and play workers. Some of the skills shortage is simply a question of the company’s debt load. They can’t afford to hire someone who is ‘close enough’.

Five Links: Skills Shortage – Skills Gap

Five Links: Skills Shortage / Skills Gap If you’re following the emerging skills gap story, it has a lot of facets. Here are several. The terrain includes a consultant, an online community, college, a study and an analysis. Hays Global Skills Index 2012 The index ranks what used to be called first world countries by […]

Skills Gap 3: The Pace of Change

As technology spirals beyond our control, it feels like somebody must have made a mistake. Some blame the school system, some blame the generation of video gamers. You don’t see many executives blaming themselves and trying to figure out what they did wrong.

Skills Gap 2: Outsourcing

In a world dominated by gut hunches, perception is reality. The reason we want to dig a little deeper is that when you solve a problem of perception as if it were a problem of supply, the wrong decisions get made.