Questions to inform HR’s response in the coronavirus pandemic – The Small Scenarios Series

With unheard-of workplace disruption and historical levels of unemployment around the world, HR leaders and practitioners have never had to be more effective. There’s a need for innovation in each small decision and action we take. No one can wait for benchmarks to emerge yet mistakes can cost lives. Rather than hyperbolic claims that HR’s time has finally arrived, we’ve begun to explore some of the likely issues in the near to medium term.

Small Scenarios for Changing Times Catalog

We’ve been collaborating on a series of short digestible papers that tackle the HR and Recruiting issues that are emerging during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve published 10 issues to date and they’re recapped here so they’re easy to find and download.

Small Scenario 10: Lost Generation

In our latest issue of Small Scenarios for Changing Times, we look at the impact on the transition from school to work. Are we going to create new institutions to replace the time-honored but woefully ineffective historical approaches?

Small Scenario 9: Rethinking Work

Before we bring people back to work, reimagine what is necessary versus what is tradition, familiar, or how we’ve always done things. We can’t go back. So, it’s time to figure out where we’re going. It’s Issue № 9 of Small Scenarios for changing times.

Small Scenario 8: After the Furlough

As the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has grown more profound, decisions were and are being made about who is and should be working. After you have evaluated and implemented all of the health and safety protections, there are five things you should do to prepare for your employees’ return.

Small Scenario 7: Conversation – The Heart of the Organization

Issue № 7: of Small Scenarios is about the explosion of questions and surrounding conversations that have arisen from employees due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Small Scenario 6 – Meeting Palindromes: Sometimes, Leading is Letting Go

Jon Stross, President and co-founder of Greenhouse shares his experiences with socially distant meetings and the differences in leadership and culture during the pandemic and unrest.

Hiring Einstein: Small Scenario #5

Hiring Einstein is about hiring neurodiverse people during and after the coronavirus pandemic. This is the fifth issue of Small Scenarios for changing times, a series of digestible papers that tackle the HR and Recruiting issues emerging from the crisis.

Small Scenario 4: Zoomerang

This edition of Small Scenarios adds Stela Lupushor to the mix to look at the downsides of Zoom and the impact of decentralized work on people. Grab your free download.

Small Scenarios 3: MVPs

Heather Bussing, Michael Kannisto, and John Sumser continue their collaboration on Short Scenarios, a series of digestible papers that tackle the HR and Recruiting issues emerging from the coronavirus pandemic. This edition of Small Scenarios looks at the way we need to think about who is important in your organization. Grab your free download on Modern Succession Planning for Operational Continuity.