About the Small Scenarios Project

John Sumser offers a deeper description of the Small Scenarios for Changing Times Project he launched recently with his collaborators Heather Bussing and Michael Kannisto, Ph.D.

Small Scenarios 2: The benefit that is rarely used is about to get used a lot

You need to develop an image of what happens the day that all of the critical people are busy grieving or at funerals. The 2-page paper on bereavement leave gives you a point of departure for addressing the issue in your organization. There are no answers here, just really good questions.

Introducing Small Scenarios

Heather Bussing, Michael Kannisto, and John Sumser have been busy. They’re collaborating on a series of short digestible papers that tackle the HR and Recruiting issues that will emerge as we come out of the Coronavirus pandemic. Grab their free download here.