HRExaminer Radio: #1: Neil McCormick

For our inauguaral HR Examiner Radio Episode John Sumser speaks with this week’s guest Neil McCormick, fouder of HRMAdvisors, an Australian consultancy that helps organizations harness the effectiveness of their people.
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Five LinkedIn Links

LinkedIn are on a tear. The stock price is propping up the notion that Silicon Valley IPOs are still a good idea. The company is releasing a torrent of new features and functionality. It’s hard to find a coherent critique in the flow of commentary.

LinkedIn: Learning Through Progressive Failure

It turns out that the people you know and love can’t really help you with your career. If you’re laid off, they’re laid off. If your job sucks, theirs does too. Your up close and personal network is riding the exact same economic wave as you are. The lot of you might help each other stay afloat but that ‘s about it.

The Privacy App

Privacy is the shielding of personal and behavioral data from people who find value in it. While there may be other people from whom the data flow is withheld, privacy is only interesting when the data produces value for the people who receive and manipulate it.

Meeting Candidates Wherever They Are

Have you been following the continuing foolishness about whether Facebook or LinkedIn are the ‘best’ place for recruiting? It’s as if those pundits have not begun to grasp social media. Candidates don’t congregate where you want them to; they are in the places that are comfortable to them

Fundamentals of Facebook Recruiting

As times change, the ‘recruiting waters’ get overfished. This is what makes the profession so highly flexible.  Over the course of a decade, the success of one technique creates the demand for the next.

What Are You Trying to Hide?

Social technology introduces transparency into places that used to be very well hidden. What is found in those closets isn’t always appealing. To echo a column from earlier this week, many employers are afraid of looking bad. That’s why they want to control social media.

Policies and User Adoption

We are in the very earliest stages of social technology. All that you can be sure of is that things will continue to change and popular usage of the tools will expand. Like the dawn of the printing press and the emergence of the internet, social technology shifts the locus of power in the culture and in our organizations.

Strategic Recruiting I (from the Vaults)

Reactive processes are compounded by tools that work against effective recruiting. Applicant Tracking Systems, by and large, create overwhelming pools of data that inhibit clear decision making.

Talent Communities

Rather than making things better, it’s fairly common for venbdors to use a FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) strategy rather than actually developing something. By screwing around with semantics and turning intelligent conversation into a debate about the meanings of words, they derail innovation and disruption.