090807 Spiritual Blogging

Spiritual Blogging at Work I got a note from a good friend who is trying to figure out what he wants to blog for his company. He has an active spiritual practice and is a great thinker about workplace issues. With a very smart insight about the way that shifting demographics and economics change people’s […]

090713 Techno Links

Thought for the Day: A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him – David Brinkley LinkedIn For Knowledge Workers Tony Karrer continues to impress. This post contains a cornucopia of resources for use and tactics on LinkedIn. In a former life, Karrer and his […]

090707 #socialrecruiting links

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Thought for the Day: Understanding your world offer requires constant curiosity. The Linguistics of ReTweets Dan Zarella is a tweet statistics machine. In this piece, he disects the content of a warehouse full of 140 character messages. The idea is to look for clues about the way people spread ideas. Zarella exemplifies the kind of […]

090630 #socialrecruiting Links

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Thought for the Day: “Twitter produces ambient intimacy.” @Leisa Programming Contests, Community, and Business Master Burnett pointed out the TopCoder Open as an example of markets in which people compete (as an alternative to Recruiting). He  professional imagines that competitive frameworks will outstrip more rigid assessment processes as a way of producing top performers. It’s […]

090624 #socialrecruiting Links

Topics: Daily Links, John Sumser, Social Recruiting, by John Sumser
Thought for the Day: “Systems are not neutral. They have natural biases.” Kevin Kelly Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009 (via Gautam Ghosh) It’s interesting that Twitter is seen as a ‘learning tool’. Topping this list from the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies are a set of social media tools. The poll, a sort […]

090526 #SocialRecruiting Links

Thought For the Day: Sourcing is not social. Using social tools for sourcing is not social. Networking is social. That involves communicating with other people. Social Recruiting and Your Job Search The dos and don’ts for candidates. Quotes David MAnaster . Light on the “How to be social” part of social recruiting. The Future of […]

090512 Social Recruiting Links

Thought For the Day The post that started the whole thing. Shannon and Julian are prescient, hard working powers of example. The most important point? “This expectation isn’t set by the type of experience they are used to having on career or internal company sites, rather it is set by the type of online experience […]

#TalentNet (#SocialRecruiting)

#TalentNet (May 01, 2009) Last night I had an interesting opportunity. Craig Fisher (@fishdogs on Twitter) asked me to join an event called TalentNet. He wanted me to pick a topic and tweet about it for a half an hour or so. Fisher, the founder of A-List Staffing dosage side effects is a regular presence […]

090429 #Socialmedia Links

Thought For The Day:It’s entirely possible that Twitter is an echo chamber that makes adequate assessment impossible. What then? Will we look back and say that the downturn was so terrifying that we lost our minds and acted like twits. 60% Of Twitter Users Quit After A Month …hard to imagine this is good for […]

090427 Social Recruiting Links

Thought For The Day: “Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” – General George Patton Twitter and B2B marketing: A simplification Harry Joiner offers straight no-nonsense explanations about what works and what doesn’t. He uses Twitter heavily. This is an elegant model for Social Recruiting in a third party setting. Needs a […]