Translate to Tweet

Translating to Tweet (April 23, 2009) I’m learning a great deal about Facebook and Twitter. They are both dynamic information distribution environments. Each day, I pump out a flow of 15 or so items. Bill Kutik calls it “the cell phone news.” Twitter’s format requires  you to become adept at writing fortunes for fortune cookies. […]

090421 Social Recruiting Links

Thought For The Day: “There is no such thing as a leprechaun. It is a complete waste of time to spend your energy trying to find one. However, when you do find one, cherish it.” Social Recruiting Summit An interesting spin on the old fashioned Trade Show. ERE Media is delivering an event that wants […]

Josh Kahn

Josh Kahn (April 15, 2009) I’ve been getting to know Josh Kahn for a couple of years now. We met through the Recruiting Roadshow®.He generously navigates the Bet Buy decision matrix to support the Minnesota Recruiters events which are held there. The first Recruiting Roadshow® was held in the hallowed halls of Best Buy. It became, […]

090413 Social Recruiting Links

Thought For The Day: Free content does not mean low value, no matter what the expensive content providers say. An Open Social Approach This presentation (15 easy to read slides) is the best articulation of the impact social media is having, will have. Learning is more important than being right. You’re not making enough mistakes. […]

What Is Social Recruiting?

What Is Social Recruiting (April 08, 2009) I’ve started a conversation about the nature of Social Recruiting on an Australian Wiki. It’s my contention that using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn et all to recruit is not necessarily social recruiting. It’s a desktop variant of Recruitment advertising. It’s an advanced form of sourcing. That’s not to say that […]

090330 Comunities and Sourcing

Thought For The Day: “Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?” Steve Jobs Employee Engagement Network 1,029 Members (adding 2-3/day), 219 Discussions, 295 Blog Posts Magic Method 1,349 members and home to the weekly (open to all) MagicMethod Phone Sourcing Class Chats –  90 class logs posted at the site. Boolean Strings […]

The Twitter Revolution III

The Twitter Revolution III (here’s Part I and II) (Mar 27, 2009) What separates humans from other animals is the sense of self-awareness. Increasingly, technical innovation is self-aware. The (probably unintentional) brilliance of Twitter is its lack of functionality and intention. That’s what gives it the ability to become self-aware as it evolves. These days, […]

The Twitter Revolution II

The Twitter Revolution II (continued from yesterday) (Mar 25, 2009) If I were in charge at Monster (or Career Builder or Hot Jobs), I’d quietly sign a deal with he folks at Twitter.  I’d use an automated version of, with a more tightly defined lexicon for job category and location, I’d flow each and […]

The Twitter Revolution

The Twitter Revolution (Mar 24, 2009) It’s no small irony that I write this note from my office in Bodega Bay, CA. This place is known for its assortment of unique avian inhabitants. The reputation was enough to convince Alfred Hitchcock to film the classic move about birds right here. Twittering, the squawking that frightened […]