Sustainable Workforce

Sustainable Work  Force (April 07, 2009)  Over the course of a decade, Kevin Wheeler has compiled a massive contribution to the HR – HCM – Recruiting Industry. Relentlessly travelling the world, he always finds time to head home for ERE. I bumped into him very briefly last week. To paraphrase James Brown, “Ain’t no dog, […]

090407 Population Links

On April 7, 2009, in All, Daily Links, HR Trends,, Talent Management, by John Sumser
Thought For The Day: On the far side of the recession is a demographic problem. The red ink of a greyer future The financial times says that the cost of caring for our aging population will dwarf any burden created by this downturn. Great charts for visualizing the aging phenomenon. Must read. Population Research Institute While  […]

Relocation Trends

Relocation Trends (April 07, 2009) This is a really good time to figure out the future of your workforce. The downturn changes a lot of things. If you’re still at your desk (and lots of folks in HR are gone), start wondering and planning. After this is all over, we’re going to be living in […]

090406 Workforce Analytics Links

On April 6, 2009, in All, Daily Links,, Talent Management, by John Sumser
Thought For The Day: “Could we still be in denial of the reality that greed and irresponsibility were not an exclusive Wall Street franchise during our national bender” Frank Rich NYT Orca Eyes Dan Hilbert has assembled a workforce analytics package beyond the imagination of most in the industry. The package ties all of the […]