We Don’t Know If We Can Eliminate Bias From Tech

“Bias related technical tools fall into two categories. The tech group assumes that things work better when humans are not involved. The human group assumes that people should be the decision-makers when lives and careers are affected.” – John Sumser

What’s Hiding in Those Terms of Service?

The most important thing about Terms of Service is that they are enforceable. And even if some parts may not be, you don’t want to have to pay to find out.

Who Owns Data?

This is HRExaminer’s entire series on the concepts of ownership, data, and who owns data.

Who Owns Data 9: Why Ownership Doesn’t Matter

Ideas and facts are free. You have to actually do something more than just have an idea before there is any ownership or legal protection.

When Companies Ignore Law

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If you read uber or airbnb’s terms of service you learn that neither company is responsible if something bad happens. Why?