Bill Kutik’s Influence on HR Tech

Without Bill Kutik’s influence, the evolution of HR in the enterprise space would have naturally ground to a halt.
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Tim Sackett: Top Influencers Special Edition v0.00

“Beating our wayward employees, while personally enjoyable, doesn’t really seem to be doing much for productivity. Why don’t we simply have them removed from the premises and never speak to them again. It would be like putting your problems in a trash sack and having them hauled away.”

Top 100 Influencers v1.82 Chris Hoyt

Chris Hoyt appears to have weathered the storm and prospered. It’s probably because he’s less interested in the credit than he is in what he can get done. Hoyt is responsible for the design, implementation and sustainability of PepsiCo’s global digital and social recruiting strategies inclusive of managing Internet communities, analytics and 3rd party recruitment partnerships.

Top 100 Influencers v 1.80 Arie Ball

Arie has been building a from scratch recruiting operation for a going concern. As such, she is able to utilize new approaches and technologies faster and more fully than someone making change in an ongoing operation. Arie’s industry influence stems from the fact that she runs the best observable “test kitchen”.

091016 Moving Day

Top 100…We’ve moved As a part of the reorganization of, the Top100 Influencers project moved to its new home at Top100Influencers. As is the case in any move, there are some things that got packed in the wrong box. We’re busy getting the feel of the new place and remembering where we put stuff […]

090811 Influence II

More Thoughts About Influence. I get lots of interesting mail about the Top 100 Influencers project over at There are any number of people who want to be on the list. There are great insights into the idea of influence. It’s a rich dialog. I’m looking into influence because I think it’s a central […]

090708 Top 100

Top 100 Most Influential People In HR – Recruiting. These days, I’m spending a lot of time on the Top 100 Influencers Project. Twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays), I publish an additional  piece of the work. So far, I’ve profiled a dozen people and written about influence from a number of perspectives. It’s an […]