HRExaminer v3.02

We published the fifth edition of our Top 25 list of online influencers in recruiting this week. Find out what we’ve learned about influence on the Internet in the Recruiting space for HR and who is on the list.

Top 25 HR Digital Influencers V4

The measurement of online influence is in its very primitive stages. Like any measurement, people change their behavior in order to meet the standard. In this arena, as it is everywhere, “You get what you measure.” Klout measures Twitter activities and is weighted towards volume in followers and tweets. mPact measures the impact of the […]

HRExaminer v2.12

We have the latest on digital influence with the third edition of the Top 25 List for HR. This Top 25 is significant because we have more data (back to 2009) than any other list and the story these numbers tell may lead us to what online influence really means. "Here We Go" is about […]

HRExaminer Top 25 HR Digital Influencers List 2011

This is the third edition of the HRExaminer Top 25 HR Influencers List (prior editions here and here). The influencer lists are built with an algorithm that measures the audience size (reach), repeatability (links and tweets to content) and alignment (the way the writer’s content maps against our key word cloud). This list covers the […]

The HRExaminer v1.42

This week's HRExaminer Magazine features the Top 25 HR Digital Influencers plus insights on SaaS, HR Engagement, Social Media, a search for the elusive passive candidate and a last chance to attend a free webinar today with cloud computing experts. Get a fresh copy of HRExaminer every Friday by subscribing here. LAST CHANCE – Free […]

Top 25 Online Influencers in HR (2010)

Top 25 Online Influencers in HR (2010) About a year ago, we started our experiment in the ranking of influencers in online HR. Since then, we’ve profiled the Top 25 in Recruiting, the Top 25 in Talent Management, the Top 25 in Leadership and the Top 25 in HR overall (2009). The HRExaminer Influence Project […]

The Weekly HRExaminer v1.15

The Top 25 Debate | Feature Our feature this week takes on the contentious issue of the effect of online influence. Recently we published our list of the Top 25 Influencers in Talent Management and it generated its share of controversy. The measurement and assessment of influence is in its very earliest stages. Much of […]

The Top 25 HR Digital Influencers 2009

Top 25 Digital HR Influencers. We are starting to be able to measure influence. For most of human history, figuring out how things worked always meant guessing (and asking) about who influenced things. As the world got more crowded and older institutions started to strain, the question of influence became more pertinent. Older hierarchical organizations […]