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On August 11, 2017, in Dr. Todd Dewett, Editorial Advisory Board, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
Dr. Todd Dewett Weighs in the Right Blend Of Passion and Ambition At Work.

John Sumser shares Ten Ways HR Tech Leaders Can Make the Most of Artificial Intelligence In This Week’s HRIntelligencer.

On Episode 133 Of HR Tech Weekly Stacey Harris and John Sumser Discuss the Now Infamous Diversity Manifesto at Google.

John’s Guest On HRExaminer Radio is Co-Founder And President of Work Market, Jeffrey S. Wald.

On Episode 27 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser Talks With Anat Markus, The Head of Global HR Operations and Services At Teva Pharmaceuticals.

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On August 4, 2017, in Editorial Advisory Board, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Paul Hebert, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
John Sumser Kicks Off a Series on Culture this week. John Writes, “Culture Is the Aggregate of the Experience of All Stakeholders. The Largest Single Element, by Far, Is Employee Experience.” Read, Culture? 1.

Paul Hebert Is Sure to Get You Thinking in His Article, Employee Engagement is About Making Things Harder for Employees, Not Easier.

John Sumser Went to School at The MIT Media Lab and Shares His Class Notes In, People Analytics: MIT July 24, 2017.

There Is No Shortage of Forgettable Email Solicitations From HR and Recruiting Vendors. John Sumser Explains How the Best Ones Don’t Try to Sell You Anything at All. Read, How To Do It.

HRIntelligencer 1.10 Highlights: When Will Automation Reach Your Industry?, How to Understand Machine Learning Adoption in the Enterprise, What Tomorrow’s Business Leaders Need to Know About Machine Learning, Who Earns the Most in the Gig Economy?, Plus More.

On Episode 132 of HR Tech Weekly: John Sumser’s New Report on Artificial Intelligence, Stacey Harris Appointed to IHIRM Board, SyncHR Get $16 Million in Funding Led by NEA, Efficient Forms Announces Partnership With AltaLink Capital, and Facebook’s Plan to Convince Businesses Workplace Beats Slack and Microsoft Teams.

John Sumser talks with Eileen Clegg, A Visual Journalist and Founder of the Company, Visual Insight. She Is Known for Her Visual Facilitation of Human Interactions, and for Her History Timeline Murals. Listen to HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

On Episode 26 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser Talks With Dr. Dale A. Masi, Professor Emeritus at the University of Maryland. Dr. Masi Is the Author of Fifteen Books and More Than Seventy Articles Dealing With EAPs, Evaluation, and Various Mental Health Issues. Listen to Big Ideas Radio.

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On July 28, 2017, in Heather Bussing, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Radio, Robin Schooling, Weekly, by John Sumser
Are you launching a business in the Talent Acquisition space? Jason Seiden uncovers the potholes and speed bumps you’ll encounter on your journey in his article, Entrepreneurship in the Talent Acquisition Space.

“I’m a lawyer. My job is to get the best result I can for my client. Sometimes that means sending a man.” - Heather Bussing. Read, A World Full Of Bias & What To Do About It.

“What you do - and the way you do it - must be directly in line with why your role, function, and department exists.” - Robin Schooling in her article, HR Needs to be Purposeful.

HRIntelligencer 1.09 Highlights: The new ways the rich signal their wealth, How Subtle Class Clues Can Backfire on your Resume, McDonald’s Is Replacing 2,500 Human Cashiers With Digital Kiosks, If Your Company Isn’t Good at Analytics, It’s Not Ready for AI, and The Future is Emotional.

On Episode 131 of HR Tech Weekly: Strategic Hires at SuccessFactors and Zenefits, LinkedIn Profile Access Lawsuit, BetterWorks Sued Over Alleged Sexually Suggestive Assault, Employees Use Social Media to Expose Their Companies, Adobe Asks Major Firms to Help Them Kill Flash by 2020, Wisconsin Company With Microchip Implants, What HR Should Know About Drones, and $1.8M Fine for Firing Prescription Drug User.

John Sumser talks with Steven Rothberg, the President and Founder of College Recruiter. Steven founded the company in 1991 as a publisher of campus maps and employment magazines. By 2000, the business had morphed into the interactive recruitment media company that it is today. Listen to HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

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On July 21, 2017, in Bob Corlett, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
Bob Corlett writes, “The “Millennial Worker” stereotype remains a big deal. At the heart of the “Millennial problem” is a broken value equation.” Read, The Mistake in Expecting Millennials to Pay Their Dues.

John Sumser was asked about his forecasts for 2018. He thought that the splintering of HR was an interesting place to start. Read, Ex Uno Plures. Out of One, Many.

Where do valuable tools with less exciting technology fit in? John Sumser considers the utility of “Good Enough Technology.”

HRIntelligencer 1.08 Highlights: The Power of AI to Manipulate Humans, AI Robots Learning Racism/Sexism/Prejudice From Humans, Can We Copy the Brain?, and Use deep learning even if your data isn’t that big.

On episode 130 of HR Tech Weekly: Google rolls out HR software, New Funding for Lever and Workato, Mercer invests in PayScale, New Partnerships for Infor Partners and ADP and also BambooHR and PlanSource, and more.

John Sumser talks with Carmen Hudson, Principal Consultant at Recruiting Toolbox, Founder of Recruiter Hunt, and co-founder of Talent42, a national conference for tech recruiters. Listen to HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

On Episode 25 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser talks with Doug Shaw about Doug’s current work that uses the arts as a lens through which to explore Organizational Development. Listen to Big Ideas Radio.

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On July 14, 2017, in HR Technology, HRExaminer, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
“Algorithms and machine learning isolate and purify the things that are unique to a culture. But, if you are trying to ‘improve’ the culture (and reduce its biases), it’s a different story. Read John Sumser’s article, Data is Biased.

John Sumser points out The Limits of AI in HR (or What It Really Costs).

John Sumser writes, “Generally, the people who think HR is somehow stuck are selling something. They either have a product that does an old thing in a new way or they are offering some form of transformative service.” From the Mouths of Babes.

HRIntelligencer 1.07: Google’s Quick Draw, Robots and Warehouse Jobs, Lessons from 3,000 technical interviews, Developers Who Use Spaces Make More Money Than Those Who Use Tabs, a Machine learning algorithm cheat sheet, and Robots are doing the work of $326,000-a-year Goldman Sachs employees.

On episode 129 of HR Tech Weekly: WeWork and Co-working Locations, MOVE Guides Funding, OnboardIQ Funding, Workday PaaS, UltimateHCM Forbes List, MercerInsights Digital Platform, and Net Neutrality and HRTech.

John Sumser talks with Don Charlton, the Founder & Chief Product Officer at Pittsburgh-based JazzHR, and widely regarded as a thought leader in the recruiting software industry. Listen to HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

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On July 7, 2017, in Editorial Advisory Board, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Neil McCormick, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
Will the Function of HR Evolve or go the Way of the Dodo Bird? Neil McCormick shares his analysis.

John Sumser adds a new chapter to his series on the Risks, Ethics, and Liability of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics.

HRIntelligencer 1.06 has The Myth of a Superhuman AI, 8 Ways Machine Learning Is Improving Companies’ Work Processes, Data Science’s Dirty Little Secrets, and more.

On episode 128 of HR Tech Weekly: News from Microsoft, Newton, the Dave McClure scandal at 500 Startups, the DOL abandons overtime rule, and Harver Raises $8.1M to “Kill the Resume.”

John Sumser talks with Jason Lauritsen, a keynote speaker, author, advisor, and expert in employee engagement and workplace culture. Listen to HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

On Episode 24 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser talks with Vinnie Mirchandani, the President of Deal Architect. Mirchandani helps clients take advantage of disruptive trends before they go mainstream. His books, The New Polymath and The New Technology Elite have been called “innovation firehoses.” Listen to Big Ideas Radio.

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On June 30, 2017, in Editorial Advisory Board, Heather Bussing, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
John Sumser has a fascinating three-part series this week covering the risks, ethics, and liability being introduced to business by artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and predictive analytics. Jump in to Part 1 on HR Enterprise Software Liability, then Part 2 covering Basic Ethics Questions, and finish with Part 3 on Questions for your Vendor.

“If you want to do what other people were doing last year, spend a lot of time navel gazing, and define success according to conventional standards.” Read, When Best Practices Don’t Work from Heather Bussing.

In HRIntelligencer 1.05, John Sumser shares Why robotic automation is stumbling, How Blockchains Could Transform AI, Why So Few People Major in Computer Science?, Auditing Black-Box Predictive Models, When AI Botches Your Medical Diagnosis, Will Robots Take My Job?, and how Google’s AlphaGo DeepMind works.

On episode 127 of HR Tech Weekly: New GuideSpark Product, Workday on Medium Enterprise Organizations, Facebook gives up on making the world more open, Google and Microsoft urging court to back gay workers, and European Commission hands Google record $2.72 billion fine.

John Sumser talks with China Gorman, a successful global business executive in the Human Capital Management (HCM) sector. China is a sought-after advisor and speaker bringing the CEO perspective to the challenges of building company culture. China is the author of Data Point Tuesday blog and is published in mainstream media properties like Fortune, TLNT, and Fast Company. Listen to China Gorman on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

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Colin Kingsbury discusses how the influence of goals is overlooked when shaping company culture. Read, You Can’t Build a Good Culture Without Clear Goals.

Maren Hogan dismantles some of the myths and legends that surround using artificial intelligence for recruiting and hiring. Read, Maren Hogan on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In HRIntelligencer 1.04, John Sumser shares the Big Picture on algorithmic fallibility, HR’s view on Big Data, Lessons from the front lines of machine learning, 10 Common Natural Language Processing (NLP) Terms, The Strange Loop in Deep Learning, and the quote of the week.

On episode 126 of HR Tech Weekly: HRTech Investments from Textio, Entelo, and Talla, CareerBuilder sells most of its stock, ADP and FinancialForce, Microsoft and Accenture BlockChain ID’s, and Zenefits to pay $3.4 million in unpaid overtime.

John Sumser talks with Yvette Cameron. Yvette has over 30 years of experience in the HCM industry and is currently the SVP of Strategy & Corporate Development at SAP SuccessFactors. In previous HCM roles she worked at Gartner, SAP, Oracle, Saba, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards. Listen to Yvette Cameron on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

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Enthusiasm, encouragement, support — these are all helpful, lovely, necessary ingredients which go towards co-creating a good working experience. And they’re not enough. Read, Taking and Sharing Responsibility from Doug Shaw.

The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have significant impact on businesses around the globe. Not to worry, Mika Javanainen has you covered with, 10 Things for HR to Know about GDPR.

In HRIntelligencer 1.03, John Sumser shares the Big Picture on AI assistants, HR’s view on Cybersecurity hiring woes, Predictive modeling for People Analytics, Tutorials on natural language processing for Big Data, and the Quote of the Week.

On episode 125 of HR Tech Weekly: HR Tech World Updates, Ascendify, Talent App Store, Should company’s make Vacation mandatory, and John and Stacey’s HR Tech World Presentation: HR Tech Ethics of HR and Machine Learning.

John Sumser talks with Don Weinstein, ADP’s Chief Strategy Officer. Don joined ADP in 2006 as VP of Corporate Strategy and has since held a variety of roles in strategy, product management, and business development. Listen to Don Weinstein on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

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The term ‘job board’ popped up not long after the first round of job postings appeared on electronic bulletin boards (BBSs, remember?). The recruitment marketing world has changed substantially since then - but job boards are still stuck with their not-so-accurate tag. Read, When a Name is an Anchor from Jeff Dickey-Chasins.

In John Sumser’s HRIntelligencer 1.02 he shares HR’s view on analytics, tutorials on chatbots, and the quote of the week.

On episode 124 of HR Tech Weekly: Cornerstone Convergence 2017, HR Tech Startup Clustree Raises $8 Million, Walmart bringing VR instruction to all U.S. training centers, Successfactors hires Amy Wilson, Career site Workey raises $8M to replace headhunters with AI, and Uber’s management shakeup and diversity initiative.

John Sumser talks with Kieran Snyder, the CEO and Co-Founder of Textio, an augmented writing experience that tells you how your writing will perform before you ever publish it. Kieran held product leadership roles at Microsoft and Amazon and has a PhD in linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania. Listen to Kieran Snyder on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

On Episode 23 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser talks with Peter Hinssen, serial entrepreneur and author of three bestselling business books. Peter lectures at renowned business schools like the London Business School and the MIT Sloan School of Management, is a frequent keynote speaker, and is a frequent contributor to international publications. Listen to Peter Hinssen on Big Ideas Radio.