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On December 5, 2014, in Editorial Advisory Board, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, John Sumser, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
We have our Eye on OrgVue in our feature article this week as John Sumser explores OrgVue’s state-of-the-art data manipulation and graphic visualization tools.

Heather Bussing explains that with Diversity: Tolerance Isn’t Enough and how we’re living in the era of The Culture Paradox.

It’s your last chance to register for the December 12th Master Class in HCM at The Bently Reserve in San Francisco.

We’ve unearthed “Extremophiles” from the archives to share the insight of author, innovator, and visual artist Eileen Clegg. Enjoy!

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On November 21, 2014, in Editorial Advisory Board, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, John Sumser, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
On December 12th at The Bently Reserve in San Francisco Jeanne Achille, John Sumser, and William Tincup roll out the latest Master Class in HCM.

Heather Bussing has the Data, Dots & Detail on big data.

John Sumser explores the new Lumesse recruiting tool that integrates with the platform in, Where The Innovation Went: Lumesse Goes To SalesForce.

On HR Examiner Radio John speaks with Bob Corlett from Staffing Advisors in part two of their conversation. Enjoy!


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The battle over great recruiters reigns supreme. In this week’s feature article, Susan LaMotte asks if you’re betting your talent acquisition strategy on long–term performance or short–term wins. Read all about it in, Recruiters Matter in Quality of Hire. In her article, Privacy: Drawing Lines, Heather Bussing has the latest on the privacy debate and a review of the new book, Terms of Service: understanding our role in the World of Big Data.

On December 12th at The Bently Reserve in San Francisco Jeanne Achille, John Sumser, and William Tincup roll out the latest Master Class in HCM. On HR Examiner Radio John speaks with Suzanne Donner from Tatum where they discuss new research about the CFO–HR connection. Enjoy!

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On November 7, 2014, in Dwane Lay, Editorial Advisory Board, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, John Sumser, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
In The Tao of HR we learn about three elements that could help HR perform magic and it’s our feature article this week from Dwane Lay. Heather Bussing has our Annual Employer’s Holiday Guide and I Want A Shrubbery, an experience from HR Tech Europe in Amsterdam. On HR Examiner Radio John speaks with Bob Corlett, founder and President of Staffing Advisors. Enjoy!

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Apple and Facebook now cover the cost of freezing eggs for employees. In our feature article, The Frozen Eggs of Happiness, Heather Bussing looks beyond the headlines at the bigger picture.

Jason Lauritsen shares his ideas for approaching employee engagement in a way that will yield results with, In Defense of Employee Engagement. In, Breakthrough Staffing, John Sumser highlights how the new website for Staffing Advisors signals a shift in third party recruiting. Meanwhile, Bob Corlett has the inside view on the same story in, Why I Fired My Sales Department.

We’ve got two shows from HR Examiner Radio. John speaks with Findly CEO Jeff Russakow, and international authority on psychological profiling, Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. Enjoy!

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In this week’s feature five-part series, John Sumser takes a look at The View From The CFO’s Office. There’s nothing quite like the fleeting glimpse we catch of the world seen from another’s perspective. Whether enigmatic or charismatic, the CFO inhabits a world unlike any other, and their presence is felt in every corner of the business.

Dr. Todd Dewett demystifies what makes a great team function in, It’s Free, You’re Welcome. Heather Bussing questions, What’s Hiding in Those Terms of Service? John Sumser checks in from KeyInterval Research to ask if we should be Blaming the Customer for what happens with HR Technology. On The HR Examiner Radio Show John speaks with Christa Degnan Manning from HfS Research (Horses for Sources), where she is SVP, Global Workforce & Talent Strategies. Enjoy!


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There was no shortage of human stories in the sea of technology that converged in Last Vegas last week at HR Tech. The story of John Sumser and William Tincup launching KeyInterval Research. Stories told in Haiku and pictures by Heather Bussing and friends. In every corridor and hall we paraded by each other in a blur of faces, greetings, selfies, ones, and zeros.

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You don’t suppose it’s an accident that Engagement emerged as a magic cure all potion in the heart of the downturn? Read more in Engagement Voodoo, this week’s feature by John Sumser. Heather Bussing has a two-part series that explores how irrefutable data like video evidence will change how companies deal with wrongdoing and scandal. Read Data and Unexpected Truth and Dealing with Unexpected Truth. In, Shortages are Regional, John Sumser examines STEM job shortages. On HR Examiner Radio we have two shows: Episode 70 with Guitar Center learning guru Chris Salles, and Episode 69 where John speaks with Dave Martin and Matt Alder, co-founders of Three Sparks Global, a mobile recruitment marketing company. Enjoy!

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People v. Progress: How HR Tech Breaks Moore’s Law, Matt Charney suggests that while HR may actually be an early technology adopter, it doesn’t mean that HR should avoid some of their ’old school‘ people-centric tactics. John Sumser writes about the job hunter faced with a sea of conflicting number one priorities in, Candidate Experiences: It’s Plural. In her article about discrimination, Diversity: Perception, Inequality, and Blame, Heather Bussing adds another chapter to our discussion on discrimination in society and the workplace. Read Heather’s other articles on discrimination (along with other picks) in this week’s Five Links: Discrimination post. Today at 11AM PDT on the HR Examiner Radio John Sumser speaks with Matt Alder and Dave Martin, co-founders of mobile recruitment marketing firm Three Sparks Global. Enjoy.

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Plans are rarely sexy, but the results they produce sure are. This week on HR Examiner we’re featuring Neil McCormick on how to Develop an HR Business Plan. John Sumser shares his insights on The Pace of Technology and solicits your input on Referral Software. On HR Examiner Radio John speaks with Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing solution. Enjoy.