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On June 17, 2011, in Editorial Advisory Board, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, Steve Smith, Weekly, by John Sumser
Top 100 Influencers v1.77: Trisha McFarlane Some people are at the hub of things actually getting done. The key to practical influence (which is the ability to get things done without authority or resources) is to occupy a position in the network that gets the most done with the least effort. Trisha McFarlane demonstrates an […]

HRExaminer 2.23

On June 10, 2011, in Amitai Givertz, Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Weekly, by John Sumser
Read this week's HRExaminer » Failure is underrated "Failure is the foundation of success; success is the lurking place of failure." What Lao Tzu meant is that success creates a set of blinders that make you extremely vulnerable. Success is the single greatest predictor of failure. Meanwhile, forward progress depends on experimentation which understandably has […]

HRExaminer v2.22

On June 3, 2011, in Editorial Advisory Board, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, Weekly, by John Sumser
It's happening all around your company all the time. THE EXPERIENCE. We call them candidates but they're strangers with first impressions and the keys to our future. Read more in this week's HRExaminer » Candidate Experience In 2003, I launched a small endeavor called "CandidateVoice". The idea was to audit websites based on their ability […]

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Who are the people managing the conversation in Talent Management? This week we unveil the Top 25 online voices that are achieving reach, resonance and relevance in Talent Management. Read more in this week’s HRExaminer » Top 25 Online Influencers in Talent Management (v3) On Wednesday we published the third version of our list, The […]

HRExaminer v2.20

On May 20, 2011, in HRExaminer, Weekly, by John Sumser
Sex and the CEO: You'll Need Street Cred. Street credibility is an HR leader's currency that buys the right to interject themselves into sticky situations where people might think you don’t belong. It's built over time and involves a good bit of give and take, and no SHRM program is going to show you how […]

HRExaminer v2.19

HR is full of confidential information, what you do with it is the focus of this week’s HRExaminer and Poll. Bob Corlett discusses what to do when your star employee leaves and John Sumser covers Influence Fatigue, Bersin Impact and HREvolution.

HRExaminer v2.18

On May 6, 2011, in HRExaminer, Weekly, by John Sumser
Job Hunter Week: Unemployment and the In Box You know someone who is unemployed. Chances are it's someone who is a close friend or family member. Maybe it's you. This week we're focusing on finding the next job. The official unemployment rate for March 2011 was 8.8% and Gallup, who regularly polls 30K people, puts […]

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Top 25 Online Influencers in Recruiting v3.0 "…The people who are influential in social media are influential among themselves. That's not that different from other trend setting demographics. The trendsetters are always trendier amongst themselves than they are with the public at large. That's why they are trendsetters." – John Sumser Read Now » Training—Why […]

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On April 22, 2011, in Bob Corlett, Editorial Advisory Board, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, Weekly, by John Sumser
Why That New Metrics Initiative Will Destroy Your HR Career By Bob Corlett "If you are not steeped in metrics now, don't borrow them from some other organization. Instead, look at two or three things that consistently drive results in your organization (like hiring great people), and then start looking for ways you can have […]

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On April 15, 2011, in Claudia Faust, Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Weekly, by John Sumser
Does HR Hold Any Real Power? "HR's vocal critics are predominantly male and focused on the department's seeming inability to cash in its own chips while complaining about the need for more of them. A more useful approach might be to help HR Practitioners gain effectiveness in organizational politics or to help illuminate the real […]