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On March 16, 2018, in HR Technology, HRExaminer, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
While PWC’s latest report on the impact of AI and automation focuses on how robots will take our jobs, a different finding drew our interest. ‘Learning mishaps’ occur when a machine doesn’t have all of the information but gives a recommendation or makes a decision anyway. John Sumser has more in, Preparing for the Change or Machines Have Bad H(AI)R Days.

“Why is it so hard for marketing people to understand that any surveys they generate will always be suspect?” Survey Says: John Sumser isn’t having any.

HRIntelligencer 2.10 Highlights: This week is another layer of myth-busting. Great management comes from anticipating the worst case while preparing to execute the best. Our droning-on about the risks of AI is the best way I know to get you ready for the inevitable.

John Sumser speaks with Heather Bussing about the intersection of technology and people (notably, bias in new technologies). Heather is an employment lawyer, writer, and photographer. Listen to Heather Bussing on HRExaminer Radio.

On HR Tech Weekly: Updates From the Ultimate Software Connections 2018 Users Conference, Bullhorn Acquires Talent Rover and JobScience, PredictiveHR Secures Funding and Creates Alliance With TrenData, and Paycor Adds to Leadership Team.

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On March 9, 2018, in HR Technology, HRExaminer, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
“Harnessing AI requires a different kind of thinking. This is not more of the same old software. The products and services offered in HR Tech under the rubric of AI make decisions and recommendations that used to be the province of human beings. We don’t really know if they are any good at it. We don’t really understand the consequences of using the tools.” John Sumser takes us through the looking glass in, A(lice) I(n) Wonderland.

Where do valuable tools with less exciting technology fit in? John Sumser considers the utility of, “Good Enough Technology.”

HRIntelligencer 2.09 Highlights: Think of this week’s issue as your trip to the bleeding edge farmer’s market. There are no crystal clear answers about anything in the emerging technology.

John Sumser speaks with Loren Larson, the CTO at HireVue, an experienced product development executive. Listen to Loren Larson on HRExaminer Radio.

On HR Tech Weekly: Scout Exchange Announces $100M in Funding to Accelerate Growth of Recruitment Marketplace, Degreed Announces New CEO and $42 Million Series C Funding, Salesforce tapped for CBP human resources work, New Algorithm Lets AI Learn From Mistakes, Become a Little More Human. Topics: #Learning #AI

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“Innovation, risk taking, and rule-breaking seem to disappear once a person reaches a certain level. Bucking tradition doesn’t seem quite as sexy when your newly gained power and influence is at stake.” Mary Faulkner has more in, Leadership and the Fear of Losing Everything.

We received a reply to last week’s article, Fiddling While Rome Burns, from the Emperor himself. Thankfully, Michael Kannisto was able to miraculously channel Nero’s Reply.

Everyone’s chasing the ‘new’ at the expense of why - especially when it comes to technological change. John Sumser has some ideas about how to refocus in his article, Why Aren’t We Asking These Questions in HR?

HRIntelligencer 2.08 Highlights: Think of this week’s issue as your trip to the bleeding edge farmer’s market. There are no crystal clear answers about anything in the emerging technology.

On HR Tech Weekly: There’s a fresh wave of funding in HR Tech with Joberate, Nomad, Strive Talent, ClickIQ, and Peakon raising money. RealMatch Rebrands as pandoIQ and Launches AI-Enabled Job Ad Platform, Collective Health Bets Employers Are Fed Up With Health Expenses, Apple is launching medical clinics for its employees, and in GDPR related news, Google has received 2.4 million ‘right to be forgotten’ URL delisting requests and fulfilled 43%.

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John Sumser writes, “Currently, a series of new forces are quickly reshaping the HR playing field. Meanwhile, the bulk of the HR profession’s attention is focused on doing the old stuff better. It’s like making better film or faster horses.” Fiddling While Rome Burns

Heather Bussing points to essential blogs that help us understand what the world is like for others, to appreciate the obstacles that humans experience daily because of their skin color. Why Black Blogs Matter.

Joe Gerstandt writes, “I will know that we are serious about humanizing the workplace when that is where we begin. In any endeavor involving human beings, inclusion must be the first priority, the first practice, it must be the first product.” Inclusion Comes First.

HRIntelligencer 2.07 Highlights: This week, we illuminate the science of changing your mind, a nonsense blue sky proposal, a look at online courses in AI, Apple watch medical breakthroughs, planning for GDPR and resource-rich pointers to NLP and crypto.

On HR Tech Weekly: John and Stacey Discuss Performance Management, Recruiting, and Payroll. Elsewhere, there’s a slew of new funding for Reflektive, Adecco Group, Vettery, Dynamic Signal, DailyPay, and CrystalKnowsMe. Last up, the Iowan Project Wants to Identify Skilled Tech Workers Who Have Left the State.

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Dr. Todd Dewett notes, “Most observers suggest that judging others is wrong. However, to judge is to make a type of decision. What is more central to a successful life than sound decision-making?” Judge!

Michael Carden of Joyous Labs writes, “So. Employee Surveys. Why not open source the question set?” Michael shares the plan in, Open Sourcing the Employee Survey.

John Sumser speaks with Dr. Ben Waber, the CEO and co-founder of Humanyze. He is a visiting scientist at the MIT Media Lab, previously worked as a senior researcher at Harvard Business School, and holds a Ph.D. from MIT. Listen to Dr. Ben Waber on HRExaminer Radio.

HRIntelligencer 2.06 Highlights: This edition looks at a couple of different impacts from automation. In some, machines are integrated gracefully. In others, the regionalization of work serves to amplify the number of transitions caused by intelligent software.

On HR Tech Weekly: John and Stacey discuss Employee Self-Service, RealWear Raises $17 Million in Funding, HackerRank Raises $30 Million to Transform the Developer Hiring Process, gr8 People Announces $8 Million in Funding, ENGAGE Talent Raises $3 Million to Accelerate Innovation of AI-Powered Recruiting, Americans voluntarily quitting jobs as labor market tightens, and IBM sues former HR boss hired by Microsoft.

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Our brains still operate on 400,000-year-old software designed to address being eaten by saber tooth tigers, not sabotage from conniving coworkers. Humans are unpredictable. It’s a problem, because business is addicted to certainty. Read, Addicted to Certainty - HR’s Curse and Blessing.

Heather Bussing writes, “More people kill themselves in the US than die in car wrecks.” Chances are, someone you work with is depressed.

John Sumser speaks with Alan Stukalsky, the Chief Digital Officer for Randstad North America. Listen to Alan Stukalsky on HRExaminer Radio.

HRIntelligencer 2.05 Highlights: This issue offers 7 articles that belong in your AI bookmarks list. From a straightforward introduction to AI to a course from the father of the field, the pieces form a nice starting point.

On HR Tech Weekly: Workday Ventures Announces $250 Million Fund and new Leadership Appointments, Joveo Raises $5 Million, Spot launches a chatbot to combat workplace harassment, and Lead 2018 Inspired by

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On February 2, 2018, in Editorial Advisory Board, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Jason Lauritsen, Radio, Rob May, Weekly, by John Sumser
There are still a lot of misconceptions about both the technology and the human impact of deploying A.I. within companies. This week, we look at The Human Side of Implementing Artificial Intelligence.

Jason Lauritsen writes, “Work isn’t something we do, it’s who we are. You can’t get more personal than that. When it comes to our work, it is never ‘strictly business.’” Work is Personal, Act Accordingly.

John Sumser writes, “The fundamental question in Recruiting is not whether you have the best possible candidate, but when you should stop looking.” Recruiting Is Optimal Stopping.

HRIntelligencer 2.04 Highlights: The HR and Recruiting marketplace is awash in jargon about “AI.” This week’s articles are a breather. The tutorial section, with its bits about model robustness and expectation setting, are the gems.

On HR Tech Weekly there are many acquisitions to cover, including: SAP and CallidusCloud, MOVE Guides and Polaris, PeopleAdmin and Performance Matters, and PeopleStrong and GrownOut. Also, PageUp Launches PageUp Express, and HR Tech Conference owner LRP partners with Zukunft Personal.

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We’re not the average. Susan LaMotte explains how hiring managers, HR Leaders, and even CEOs are consistently trying to build their own employer brands. But here’s the problem: Employer brands can’t be built in boardrooms. Read, The Call of the Average Worker: Hint — it’s Not You.

The UK government never did any scenario planning for Brexit. The UK government didn’t even plan for the possibility of losing the referendum. Felix Wetzel shares his Lessons in Scenario Planning from Brexit that could save your organization.

HRIntelligencer 2.03 Highlights: This issue is full of evidence that bias can’t be contained as easily as some claim. The problem is multilayered.

John Sumser speaks with Iain Scholnick, the founder and CEO of Braidio, a cloud-based collaborative learning platform. Listen to Iain Scholnick on HRExaminer Radio.

On Episode 156 of HR Tech Weekly: ADP acquires WorkMarket, Global Insurer AXA Acquires Maestro Health, Hyr Raises $1.6 Million To Help Retailers Embrace The Gig Economy, and Facebook rolls out global privacy settings hub for GDPR.

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On January 19, 2018, in Bob Corlett, Editorial Advisory Board, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
Hiring Suffers From Too Much Feeling and Not Enough Thinking. This week, Bob Corlett explains where to add ninety-minutes of hard thinking into your hiring process.

For the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday this week we published his landmark speech from August 1963, The Dream.

John Sumser speaks with Maia Josebachvili, the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Greenhouse. Listen to Maia Josebachvili on HRExaminer Radio.

John’s Guest On Episode 264 of HRExaminer Radio is Abakar Saidov, the co-Founder and CEO of Beamery.

On Episode 155 of HR Tech Weekly Ceridian moves towards IPO, Workday Acquires SkipFlag, Battery Ventures Invests in PageUp, Tech entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia invests in PeopleStrong, and Stacey and John discuss Cybersecurity and WFM.

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On January 12, 2018, in Editorial Advisory Board, Heather Bussing, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
In Good at Terrified, Heather Bussing writes, “Fear is not something to fight, overcome, ignore, hide from, or defeat. It’s not a weakness. Fear is good stuff. It protects us, gives us important information, motivates us.”

What is John Sumser most afraid of in the industry, who was his biggest professional influence, and what is his view on the current state of HR Tech and AI? SmartRecruiters recently put these questions (and more) to John in an interview. Read, From an Interview.

Policies don’t fix performance, attendance, or behavior issues. Heather Bussing explains why you Should You Trash Your Policy Manual.

In HRIntelligencer this week, John Sumser shares a stash of insights, including an argument against using technology to eliminate bias.

On Episode 154 of HR Tech Weekly iCIMS Acquires TextRecruit, Paychex adds Tip Network, Monster wins US Treasury Department deal, New Gender Identification Option at the University of Toronto, and VCs invested the most capital in 2017 since the dotcom era.